Our Heritage

The foundations of Philips were laid in 1891 when Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips established Philips & Co. in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. A few years later, in 1895, Gerard's brother Anton Philips strengthened the young company. He proved to be a great commercial talent and within a few years Philips belonged to the largest producers of light bulbs in the world. Stimulated by the Industrial Revolution in Europe, Philips’ first research laboratory was established in 1914 and the company started introducing its first innovations in the x-ray and radio technology. Over the years, the list of inventions has only been growing to include many breakthroughs that have continued to enrich people’s everyday lives.


Key Innovations

Since the beginning, Philips has placed R&D and innovation at the core of its activities, generating many breakthrough inventions, such as the Compact Cassette and CD.


History of Philips Brand

Over the years the blue Philips word mark and the company shield mark have become an intrinsic part of the Philips brand, recognized throughout the world.