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uGrow - the world’s first medical baby app with connected devices giving you personal advice that matters


Let uGrow help you discover patterns to support your little one’s healthy development. With an interactive timeline at its heart, our expert uGrow baby app and smart connected products will work together to collect data and provide personalized guidance that supports the healthy development of your baby.

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Track and support

Track and support your baby’s development

Understand your baby’s development, track progress, and receive personalized information. Be inspired, learn from articles and draw on insights from our panel of breastfeeding, sleep and developmental psychology experts.

Celebrate your baby's developmental milestones in one place


Post pictures and note down memories to create a personal baby diary. From first smiles and steps, to family days out, your baby’s timeline lets you celebrate, remember and share those all beautiful moments.


Discover patterns that help you establish healthy routines for your baby


One of the biggest concerns for any new parent is making sure your baby is feeding and sleeping well. Our breast, bottle and expression trackers help you track your baby’s feeds while our sleep tracker stores sleep data to help establish healthy sleep patterns. The information you capture you can share with experts such as lactation and sleep consultants for more personalized advice.

Track your baby’s weight and height


Our weight and height trackers help you accurately record and monitor growth information. Supplement the data you receive from your pediatrician with your own measurements, and share progress with your health care professional over time.

Track your baby

Connect with smart devices for easy & accurate measurements

By connecting to our smart products, uGrow makes keeping track of your baby’s development easier and more accurate. Import data from your Philips Avent uGrow smart baby monitor via WiFi to discover whether the room temperature and humidity effect your little one's sleeping pattern. Easily store all readings from your Philips Avent smart ear thermometer in the uGrow app to keep track over time and share with healthcare professionals as needed.

uGrow connected products

Avent uGrow smart baby monitor

Avent smart baby monitor

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Avent uGrow smart thermometer

Avent smart thermometer

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