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    LCD monitor

    Design and performance count!

    The ultimate display for your lifestyle! Ready to rock your world with stunning performance, the hot Philips 170X5 combines LightFrame™ Digital Reality for a multimedia adventure with cool, innovative cutting-edge design flair. See all benefits


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Design and performance count!

  • sRGB ensures colour matching between display and printouts

    sRGB ensures colour matching between display and printouts

    sRGB is an industry standard that ensures the best possible match between the colours displayed on your screen and those in your printouts.

  • LightFrame™ DR maximises your on-screen experience

    LightFrame™ Digital Reality is an integrated software and hardware solution for Philips high-end monitors that delivers high quality visual display enhancements to users through quick and convenient hardware or software interfaces.

  • ISO 13406-2 Class I compliant dot defect-free display

    Bright dots and dark dots are defects in an LCD panel. While some manufacturers still consider bright and dark defects in an LCD panel an inevitable part of the manufacturing process, Philips doesn't. Philips monitors, compliant with ISO 13406-2 Class I standard, are produced with zero tolerance for LCD panel defects and backed by Philips PerfectPanel™ globally valid warranty providing repair or replacement of any LCD monitors that display even a single defective bright or dark dot.

  • SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution for sharper display

    For graphics monitors, the screen resolution signifies the number of dots (pixels) on the entire screen. For example, a 1280-by-1024 pixel screen is capable of displaying 1280 distinct dots on each of 1024 lines, or about 1.3 million pixels.

  • 12 ms On/Off response time: Superior text and graphics display

    On-Off response time is the period required for a liquid crystal cell to go from active (black) to inactive (white) and back to active (black) again. It is measured in milliseconds. Faster is better: Lower response time means faster transitions and, therefore, results in fewer visible image artefacts in the display of transition of text and graphics. On-Off response time is a more important measure in the display of business content such as documents, graphs and photos.

  • Innovative, cutting-edge design makes a lifestyle statement!

    An exclusive design concept that combines smooth, flowing lines reminiscent of fine modern sculpture with ultra modern materials and techno touches to create a monitor that makes a lifestyle statement.

  • Ultra-modern SmartTouch controls

    SmartTouch controls are intelligent, ultra-responsive, touch sensitive icons that replace protruding buttons. Responsive to the lightest of touches, SmartTouch controls can power up your monitor or brighten and sharpen your display with SmartImage Lite. When activated, SmartTouch icons glow to indicate that your commands have been implemented.

  • Enjoy multimedia experience with built-in speakers

    Audio speakers built into a display device.

  • Play music from external audio devices even if the PC is off

    Built-in advanced firmware that delivers audio output from external audio devices including a portable tape, CD or MP3 player even when there is no video input.

  • Embedded power supply eliminates external power adapters

    An embedded power supply is a power adapter built into the body of a display device that replaces a bulky external power adapter.

  • CableGuide keeps cables in order and your space neat

    A convenient set of cable guides built into the rear of Philips monitors that keeps cables untangled and organised cables, helping you maintain a tidy, well ordered space.

  • Easy to adjust display settings with Philips SmartControl

    PC software for fine-tuning display performance and settings. Philips offers users two choices for display setting adjustment. Either navigate the multilevel On Screen Display menu through buttons on the display itself or use the Philips SmartControl software to easily adjust the various display settings in a familiar way.

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