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0.2 mm precision settings waterproof beard trimmer

Beardtrimmer series 9000 waterproof beard trimmer

0.2 mm precision settings, Full metal dual-sided trimmer, 60 mins' cordless use/1 hr charge, with laser guide BT9290/32 Find similar products
  • Ultimate precision

    Beardtrimmer series 9000

    waterproof beard trimmer

    BT9290/32 Find similar products

    Experience superb control on contours with the exclusive laser guide. It allows you to create the precise and symmetric style you want with confidence.

  • Ultimate precision


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Ultimate precision

The only beard trimmer with a laser guide

  • Use the unique laser guide for precise, symmetrical results

    The unique laser guidance system projects a sharp line of light to pre-align your style before you trim. It will point out where the hairs will be cut so you get it right every time.

  • The zoom wheel 'locks in' your chosen length setting

    To select your preferred trim length, just turn the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed. Your chosen length is now 'locked in' for a precise and even trim.

  • Dual-sided trimmer: 32mm and 15mm sides for perfect details

    Take off the adjustable length comb and there's a reversible, dual-sided precision trimmer underneath. One side is a 32-mm high-performance trimmer. Turn it around, and there's a 15-mm-wide precision trimmer – perfect for getting into small spaces, like under your nose or around your mouth. It's designed to cut very close while still protecting your skin, and its small size and angled design make it easy to see what you are doing for fine lines and details.

  • Skin-friendly, high-performance blades for the perfect trim

    The steel blades lightly brush against each other, so they sharpen themselves as you trim! The blades stay extra-sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively, but have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent skin irritation.

  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning

    To clean the trimmer head, simply rinse it under the tap.

  • Detail comb for precision, and beard comb for control

    The detail comb gives you more precision as you trim. Use it instead of the beard comb to get into tight spots, or to round off the edges of your beard. The beard comb gives you more control for a fast and even trim.

  • The LED display clearly shows your chosen length setting

    The LED display shows your chosen length setting in millimetres, so you're always in control of your style.

  • The 0.4mm stubble setting gives you a 3-day beard every day

    If you want a perfect 3-day beard, just use the trimmer's shortest setting of 0.4 mm. For a perfectly groomed longer beard, simply adjust the setting to the exact length you need.

  • 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed

    All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2-year worldwide guarantee and worldwide voltage compatibility, and they never need to be oiled.

  • Protective pouch for travel and storage

    The travel pouch protects your trimmer during travel and storage.

  • 60 minutes' cordless use after a 1-hour charge, or plug it in

    You get 60 minutes of cordless use after a 1-hour charge. If you run out of battery power while trimming, just plug it in and keep trimming.

  • LED display shows the battery level

    The LED display indicates the battery level, so you're never caught short.

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