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Works on iOS and Android Grooming app

Grooming app

Works on iOS and Android, Photo-Realistic Style Previews, Personalised Style Advice, Extensive Style Library DG1000/10 Find similar products
  • Personalised styling guide at your fingertips

    Grooming app

    DG1000/10 Find similar products

    Create photo-realistic previews of a variety of beard styles on your face and get personalised style advice based on your personality, facial features, beard growth and lifestyle. Or explore the Shaving Guide to help maximise your shave.

  • Personalised styling guide at your fingertips


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Personalised styling guide at your fingertips

Try our free Grooming app now

  • See how different styles would look on you

    The Grooming app's Style Preview feature allows you to try different styles without having to create them for real. See different beard styles on your face, simply by taking a picture.

  • Personal advice on which styles suit you best

    Try the Grooming app's state-of-the-art algorithm for instant personalised style advice based on your facial features, your style, your personality and more. The Style Advice feature builds on our 75 years of heritage in shaving and grooming and was developed in close collaboration with internationally renowned barbers and style experts.

  • Everything for a clean shave: Advice, how-to videos and more

    The Grooming app's personalised Shaving Advice provides you with a tailored recommendation on how to maximise your shave, based on beard growth and skin sensitivity across various areas of your skin. We have developed the professional advice after listening to millions of men around the world with the collaboration of professional experts with decades of experience in the area of shaving.

  • Gather inspiration by browsing a wide variety of styles

    Check out a variety of styles in our gallery, ranging from basic moustaches to cutting-edge beard styles. The collection of styles is continuously updated to keep pace with the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle and men's grooming.

  • Easy-to-follow How-to Videos

    Style with confidence: Use the Grooming app's comprehensive step-by-step How-To Videos to create any beard style you want.

  • Useful expert tips on shaving and beard styling

    Philips Shaving and Grooming experts have teamed up with professional barbers and international style experts to deliver useful tips and tricks that help you style with confidence and maximise your shave.

  • Gain access to content about men's grooming and styling

    Stay up to date with news, trends and insights from the men's grooming arena via the Grooming app.

  • Available for iOS and Android devices

    The Grooming app is compatible with your iOS-operated iPhone and iPad, as well as with Android-operated smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, LG G2, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8.

  • Download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

    Download free now and try the Philips Grooming app for yourself. Explore a wealth of Shaving and Grooming content, personalised advice and interactive product guides to get the most out of your grooming routine. Style with confidence.

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