Bagless vacuum cleaner


    Bagless vacuum cleaner

    Performs better for longer

    Unique AutoClean function to clean your bagless filter easily and maintain optimal suction power See all benefits


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Performs better for longer

Self-cleaning filter, no bag required

  • 2000 Watt motor generating max. 400 Watt suction power

    This vacuum cleaner has a 2000 Watt motor generating max. 400 Watt suction power for the ultimate cleaning perfection.

  • AutoClean filter optimises suction power

    After every cleaning job, a simple push of a button will activate a rattle that thoroughly shakes the dust from the filter pleats into the dust bucket. Now the airflow is no longer blocked by the dust in the filter and suction power is almost like new.

  • HEPA AirSeal plus HEPA 13 washable filter

    This Philips vacuum cleaner has been designed in such a way that all the air taken in is passed through the washable HEPA 13 filter (99.95% filtration) before it is exhausted. No escape is possible.

  • Handy remote control to change the suction power

    Handy remote control to change the suction power with your fingertips and without bending.

  • Super Parquet nozzle removes 3 x more sticky dirt

    The Super Parquet nozzle allows you to clean hard floors of all kinds thoroughly in one go, without the risk of harming them. Using the absorption capacity of the micro-fibre pads, together with the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, you achieve the best results without requiring any detergents or brushes.

  • Tri-active nozzle with unique 3-in-1 action

    This unique nozzle is aerodynamically designed for maximum cleaning efficiency, has side brushes to remove dust from corners and curves, and has a front opening to pick up the big bits. Each stroke will deliver an immediate clean result.

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