PerfectCare Viva Steam generator iron

Max 5 bar pump pressure, 210 g steam boost, Carry lock, 1.7-l fixed water tank GC7035/20 Find similar products
  • Faster and easier ironing**

    PerfectCare Viva

    Steam generator iron

    GC7035 Find similar products

    Philips steam generator iron delivers a faster and easier ironing experience. Iron your garments with no temperature adjustment needed thanks to the revolutionary OptimalTEMP technology. See all benefits

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  • Faster and easier ironing**

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Faster and easier ironing**

with no temperature setting required

  • SteamGlide Plus: perfect mix of gliding and stretching

    SteamGlide Plus: perfect mix of gliding and stretching

    For the best results you need a soleplate that has the optimal balance between gliding and stretching. This is offered through SteamGlide Plus with its easy glide zone and perfect stretch zone.

  • Iron everything from jeans to silk with no temperature setting required

    "Now you can iron from jeans to silk with no temperature setting required. Guaranteed not to burn any ironable fabrics. Revolutionary technology with the 1) Advanced Smart Control Processor which controls precisely the soleplate temperature. You do not need to adjust the temperature 2) Compact ProVelocity steam engine delivers more steam for faster ironing. It features a compact design for easier storage"

  • Saving energy with ECO mode

    By using the ECO mode with a reduced amount of steam, you can save energy without compromising on the ironing results. For faster ironing, switch to Turbo mode, which generates more steam.

  • Lock your iron securely to the base station

    Your steam generator iron comes with a safety carry lock. You can lock your iron safely on the base, making it safer and reducing the risk of people touching the hot soleplate. You can also carry the steam generator easily.

  • Safe to leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board

    The innovative Philips OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burns on all ironable fabrics. During ironing, there is no need to put your iron back on the base station; just leave the hot iron soleplate directly on the garments or cotton ironing board cover without an additional resting accessory. It will not damage any of your ironable garments, or the board. This makes your ironing easier, with less wrist effort.

  • Steam boost up to 210 g

    The steam boost can be used for vertical steaming and tough creases.

  • Ready to use in 2 minutes with unlimited refill

    Steam is ready to use in 2 minutes and can be refilled at any time during ironing.

  • Tested and approved by independent textile experts

    This iron is tested and approved by independent textile expert institutes, such as DWI, IWTO and Woolmark, for its excellent ironing performance. The Woolmark Apparel Care programme helps consumers to identify quality laundry products that are approved by The Woolmark Company for use on wool products. Philips, with its exclusive OptimalTEMP technology, is so far the only brand to be certified with the Gold standard from Woolmark. You can be confident that Woolmark-approved apparel care products are ideal for any wool garments.

  • Max 5 bar pump pressure

    The more steam, the faster the ironing. Consistent powerful steam is generated which penetrates deep inside the garments making ironing both faster and better. Steam power can be regulated to suit your needs.

  • Smart Calc cleaning system with a sound and light cleaning reminder

    The Smart Calc cleaning system is an integrated descaling and cleaning function that protects your steam generator iron. After around 10 hours of ironing, your steam generator iron will remind you to perform the Calc cleaning process with a sound and light notification. The iron conveniently rests on the Calc container as it collects the dirty water, so you don't have to strain to hold the iron during the process. After all the water has been collected in the container, your steam generator iron is ready to use again.

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  • Compared to Philips steam iron EasySpeed

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