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  • Breathes new life into your clothes

    Wardrobe Care

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    The Wardrobe Care solution from Philips is a unique combination of an iron, a steamer and a refresher with an innovative ironing board. It helps you keep your and your family's clothes in beautiful shape and saves you time and money as well!

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Breathes new life into your clothes

Integrated iron, steamer and refresher

  • High-pressure steam iron

    High-pressure steam iron makes sure the steam goes deep into your garment for optimal and faster crease removal.

  • Unique board with one end especially for shirts

    One end of the board is specially designed for ironing shirts quickly and easily.

  • High-pressure steamer and vertical board

    The powerful steamer and vertical board mean you can remove creases from delicate fabrics without the risk of damaging them.

  • Auto-refresh mode creates a breeze to air your garments

    Heated air from the board freshens your garments and reduces the need for dry-cleaning.

  • Removes scale from your system automatically

    The Auto Calc-Clean function automatically cleans your ironing system of scale. A two-minute scale removal cycle is activated automatically when it is time to clean your system. All you have to do is empty the detachable rinse tank. It keeps your system as new and powerful as the day you bought it.

  • Large heated board with NeverBurn cover

    The large heated board enables easier and more convenient ironing. The NeverBurn board cover is heat resistant, so you can rest your hot soleplate on the cover without the risk of burning or scorching. It also eliminates the inconvenience of repeated stress on your wrist when putting the iron on its heel.

  • Blowing setting prevents pressing marks

    The blowing setting on the board creates an air cushion under the garment, allowing you to iron effortlessly and avoid button, pocket and shine marks.

  • Suction setting keeps fabric in place to avoid false creases

    The suction setting keeps garments in place while you are ironing, so you avoid accidentally ironing in creases.

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