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Adjustable metal spout Coffee pod machine

SENSEO® Viva Café Coffee pod machine

Adjustable metal spout, Deep Black, Direct start HD7825/60 Find similar products
  • Delicious coffee at the touch of a button

    SENSEO® Viva Café

    Coffee pod machine

    HD7825/60 Find similar products

    Enrich your coffee moments with SENSEO® Viva Café coffee machine. The wide range of features, like the choice to make one or two cups of coffee at the same time, adjustable real metal spout and direct start, ensure the ultimate convenience.

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  • Delicious coffee at the touch of a button


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Delicious coffee at the touch of a button

Adjustable metal spout to fit your favourite cup

  • Delicious coffee crema layer as proof of SENSEO® quality

    The fine SENSEO® coffee selection and the unique SENSEO® brewing system make sure that your perfect cup of coffee always comes with a rich and delicious coffee foam layer - proof of premium taste and quality.

  • Light indication reminds you when to decalcify

    The Philips coffee machine will remind you when to descale your appliance. Regular descaling with the specially developed SENSEO® descaler ensures your coffee tastes its best and prevents build-up of limescale from tap water.

  • Adjustable real metal spout to fit your favourite cup

    By raising or lowering the spout you can adjust your Philips SENSEO® coffee maker to the size of your favourite cup or mug

  • Variety of coffee blends and flavours for different tastes

    SENSEO® offers you a large variety of coffee blends and flavours, each with its own distinctive taste to fit your personal preference.

  • Unique coffee machine that brews 2 cups at a time

    This SENSEO® coffee maker prepares one or two cups of your delicious SENSEO® coffee in less than a minute.

  • 30 minutes auto shut-off for energy saving and safety

    Your SENSEO® coffee machine automatically switches off after 30 minutes, allowing you to save energy.

  • The machine is tested more than 10,000 times to ensure consistent quality

    Philips tests SENSEO® coffee machines more than 10,000 times during development to ensure high standards in quality and durability

  • Unique brewing system for optimal taste and temperature

    At SENSEO® we know how to get the best out of the coffee bean to make great tasting single-serve coffee. The operation of the SENSEO® system is simple and brilliant. Water is pumped from the boiler to the coffee pad. The hot water releases the aroma from the pad and gives a perfect cup of coffee. SENSEO® always offers you quality that you can taste.

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