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  • Stream music from PC/MAC and Internet - wirelessly

    Network Music Player

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    FullSound™ rejuvenates compressed music, making MP3s leap to life. You'll get the most out of your entire music collection - through wireless streaming of the Philips NP3700/12. Plus, a full-colour touch screen hands you effortless control.

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  • Stream music from PC/MAC and Internet - wirelessly


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Stream music from PC/MAC and Internet - wirelessly

Obsessed with sound

  • 10 W RMS total output power

    This Philips music system has 10 W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square, which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determine the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

  • Wireless stream music and photos from your PC/MAC

    Your PC/ MAC is filled with music that you can now conveniently stream onto your Philips audio device – without messy cables. Share your favourite songs with others at a party, or simply enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Do the same for your photo collections, and view them at leisure while you listen to music. Unlock your PC/ MAC treasures with the convenience of wireless streaming.

  • Full colour touch screen for easy navigation

    Touch-screen control allows you to control your device by simply pressing on-screen buttons rather than physical buttons on the device. Simply power up the device and the touch-screen user interface will show up on the LCD display with all the control options for the device. Touch-screen control combines LCD display technology with pressure sensors and a powerful digital micro processor. When you press on a specific area of the screen with your finger, the relevant signal is sent to the processor and the command is immediately executed.

  • Turn your Smartphone into a remote for Philips AV products

    The Philips MyRemote app lets you use your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Smartphone as a remote to control your Philips networked AV products. The app automatically recognises your Philips Blu-ray player, Home theatre or Streamium audio system connected to your home Wi-Fi network, and gives you instant control over the devices from anywhere in your home. And if you have more than one Philips networked AV product, the app will allow you to switch between them and control each one independently. This free app is created exclusively by Philips.

  • Stream and enjoy over 10 million great songs from Napster*

    Get all the music you ever want with Napster - an online music service that offers you over 10 million tracks from 790,000 artists, 980,000 albums and all genres. Access to Napster is made effortless with the Philips micro system, thanks to the icon-based LCD display panel, and gives you all the music you want - quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, Napster's vast library is freed from your PC or MAC, and streamed wirelessly for you to enjoy on the Philips system. Change the way you listen to music now.

  • Tune in and explore thousands of Internet radio stations

    Streamium comes with thousands of Internet radio stations. Now you can stay abreast of all kinds of music worldwide. Connect your Streamium to the Internet and listen to your favourite online programmes without having to turn on your PC/MAC.

  • Optional iPod/iPhone dock for convenient music playback

    Your choices just got wider. Not only can you play music from CDs, and via MP3 Link, AUX-in and wireless PC/MAC streaming, you can now play from your iPod and iPhone. Simply dock your iPod or iPhone, switch to docking mode, and select the songs you want to hear using the remote control. The docking cradle, available as an optional accessory, unleashes your personal collection onto a superb sound system.

  • Works with home broadband connection and Wi-Fi router

    Your Philips Hi-Fi system comes with an Ethernet port to allow for plug-and-play Internet connection via DHCP. Also, the system is B/G Wi-Fi certified which makes it compatible with any B/G Wi-Fi certified router on the market. Easy and convenient, this system features a one-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup to ensure secure Wi-Fi connection in mere seconds.

  • FullSound enriches your music with fuller bass and clarity

    Philips' innovative FullSound technology faithfully restores sonic details to compressed music, dramatically enriching and enhancing it, so you can experience music without any distortion. Based on an audio post-processing algorithm, FullSound combines Philips' renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of the latest generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The result is fuller bass with more depth and impact, boosted voice, improved instrument clarity and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed music in true-to-life sound that will touch your soul and move your feet.

  • View album art in full colour

    Bring life into your listening experience with full colour pictures of album covers. Album art graphics are embedded in music files, and are displayed automatically during song selection and playback. Your music simply comes to life with album art.

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  • Napster is available only in Germany and the United Kingdom.

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