• Effective, wearable relief from plaque psoriasis


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    With Philips BlueControl, you decide when and where to treat your plaques. This gentle, UV-free therapy gives you the clinically proven benefits of blue LED light without interrupting your normal daily routine. Try it for yourself at home.*

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Effective, wearable relief from plaque psoriasis

With UV-free blue LED light

  • Try it yourself at home: 90-day money-back guarantee

    Try it yourself at home: 90-day money-back guarantee

    Experience the therapy with Philips BlueControl at home! Treat your plaques 30 minutes per day for at least 4 weeks for a significant improvement. In case you are dissatisfied with the results, we will issue a refund within 90 calendar days from the date of purchase. This promotion is only valid for Philips BlueControl (PSK0202/10). 1. Contact Philips Consumer Care Team for requesting a refund: 08003316016 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00) 2. The call center will send you the return order number and shipping label. 3. Once the returned product is received undamaged and in the original packaging, the refund is going to be transferred to the original bank account that was used to purchase that product.

  • World's first blue light therapy to treat plaque psoriasis

    World's first blue light therapy to treat plaque psoriasis

    Philips BlueControl is the world's first wearable phototherapy for mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. Thanks to the innovative design of the small battery-driven device, you can benefit from clinically proven blue LED light while following your normal daily routines.

  • Gentle, UV-free light therapy

    Gentle, UV-free light therapy

    Blue LED light belongs to the visible light range and is therefore free of the risks of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The 40 integrated blue LEDs in Philips BlueControl are long-lasting and energy-efficient sources of light. The LED settings have been optimised for the treatment of plaque psoriasis through in-depth research carried out over several years.

  • No chemical substances are used

    No chemical substances are used

    Studies confirm that blue LED light, as used in Philips BlueControl, is not toxic for the skin.* The blue light treatment induces natural processes in your skin helping to alleviate plaque symptoms. The therapy is gentle as it does not make use of any chemical substances.

  • Convenient, wearable relief

    Convenient, wearable relief

    You decide where and when to treat your plaques with the cordless device. An accompanying textile fixation strap attaches Philips BlueControl securely to your limbs, and is adjustable for a comfortable fit during treatment and light activities.

  • Alleviates plaque psoriasis while you get on with your life

    Alleviates plaque psoriasis while you get on with your life

    Experience for yourself how easy it is to get great results without disrupting your daily life. Just attach the device to your arm or leg, press the button… and carry on with your daily activities. Philips BlueControl shuts off automatically after 30 minutes' treatment per plaque – no timer required!

  • Blue light induces natural processes

    Blue light induces natural processes

    Blue light improves plaque symptoms by inducing natural processes in the skin. It helps skin to renew itself properly by slowing the accelerated production of skin cells associated with plaque psoriasis.* With its anti-inflammatory properties, blue light controls unregulated inflammation and can alleviate the symptoms of affected skin.*

  • Clinically proven therapy

    Clinically proven therapy

    Clinical studies have confirmed the positive effects of blue LED light on psoriasis plaque symptoms such as redness, scaling and thickness.* Over 12 weeks of treatment plaque symptoms improved significantly for patients in the clinical study. In some patients, a complete clearance of the plaque was observed. During the treatment-free follow-up phase over 1 month, plaque symptoms improved further to a small extent, rather than worsening. 83% of patients rated the usability and comfort of the device as ideal or excellent.*

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  • Philips BlueControl is a Medical device class IIa (CE0344) for the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris. Before altering or stopping any prescribed medication or using the device, patients should consult with their physician and carefully read the instructions for use. March 2015.
  • Blue light as used in Philips BlueControl is not toxic for the skin — Awakowicz P et al. Contributions to Plasma Physics. 2009; 49 (9): 641–647.
  • Irradiation with blue light reduces the production of skin cells — Liebmann J, Born M, Kolb-Bachofen MV. Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2010; 130: 259–269.
  • Blue light induces anti-inflammatory processes — Fischer M et al. Experimental Dermatology. 2013; 22: 554–563.
  • The positive effects of blue LED light were confirmed in clinical trials — Weinstabl A et al. Dermatology. 2011; 223 (3): 251–9.
  • Over 12 weeks of treatment the plaque symptoms were reduced for 84% of the patients. For some patients the blue light even cleared their treated plaque completely - Pfaff S et al. Dermatology 2015; 231: 24 - 34

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