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Shaver series 9000 wet and dry electric shaver

V-Track Precision Blades, 8-direction ContourDetect Heads, SmartClean System, SmartClick precision trimmer S9031/26 Find similar products
  • Perfection in every pass

    Shaver series 9000

    wet and dry electric shaver

    S9031/26 Find similar products

    The Shaver 9000 is our most advanced shaver yet. The unique contour-detect technology offers exceptional coverage over every contour of your face, and the V-Track system guides hairs into the best cutting position for the closest results.

    Suggested retail price: £325.00
  • Perfection in every pass
  • Perfection in every pass
  • Perfection in every pass


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Perfection in every pass

Cuts up to 20% more hair* in a single pass

  • Blades perfectly guide hairs into position for a close shave

    Get the perfect close shave. The V-Track Precision Blades gently position each hair in the best cutting position, even flat-lying hairs and hairs of different lengths. Cuts 30% closer in fewer strokes, leaving your skin in great condition.

  • Heads flex in 8 different directions for a superb result

    Follow every contour of your face and neck with 8-directional ContourDetect heads. You'll catch 20% more hairs with every pass, resulting in an extremely close, smooth shave.

  • Get a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec

    Choose how you prefer to shave. With the Aquatec Wet and Dry seal, you can opt for a quick yet comfortable dry shave. Or you can shave wet—with gel or foam—even under the shower.

  • Keep your shaver like new with SmartClean

    At the touch of a button, SmartClean cleans, lubricates and charges your shaver, keeping it performing at its best, day in and day out.

  • Click-on trimmer for perfect moustache and sideburn trimming

    Click on our skin-friendly Precision Trimmer to finish your look. It's ideal for maintaining your moustache and trimming your sideburns.

  • Intuitive icons make the functions easy to use

    The intuitive display shows relevant information, enabling you to get the best performance out of your shaver: - 3-level battery and travel lock indicators - Cleaning Indicator - Battery Low Indicator - Replacement Head Indicator

  • 50 minutes' cordless shaving after a one-hour charge

    Our advanced charging system gives you two convenient options: charge for one hour and you'll get 50 minutes of running time, or do a quick charge for one full shave. All 9000 Series Shavers contain a powerful, energy-efficient, long-lasting lithium-ion battery. They are designed to operate only in cordless mode to ensure you'll always be safe when shaving with water, even in the shower.

  • Shaver can be rinsed clean under the tap

    Simply open the shaver head to rinse it thoroughly under the tap.

  • With 2 year guarantee

    We back this Philips shaver with a 2-year guarantee. Our 9000 Series Shavers are designed for performance and durability, promising you an extremely close shave time after time.

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  • Cuts up to 20% more hair – versus SensoTouch

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