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    Universal remote control that gives basic functionality for most brands of TV, VCR/DVD.

    Product features

    • 2-in-1 remote for your TV, DVD player/recorder/VCR

      Replace two separate remote controls with one robust unit that operates your TV and DVD player/recorder or VCR, regardless of the brand or model.

    • Fast menu access to functions like setup and text TV

      The important functions like setup menu and text TV have clearly labelled, dedicated keys to make operating your equipment easier.

    • Easy installation with the Simple system setup function

      Set up your remote control as quickly as possible with an intelligent scanning system that automatically scans for the codes that match your equipment.

    • Ready for use with Philips equipment

      If you have Philips equipment, you can use your universal remote control without programming it because all keys are pre-set for Philips.

    • URC support service via dedicated website

      Dedicated support service for your remote control whereby all codes for all brands are available via the Philips URC website.

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