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SmartClick ComfortCut heads shave, style and groom

Click&Style shave, style and groom

SmartClick, ComfortCut heads, 3-in-1 tool YS534/17 Find similar products
  • One tool, any look


    shave, style and groom

    YS534/17 Find similar products

    Get a smooth face, perfect stubble and a groomed body really easily with this 3-in-1 tool. It has three separate attachments: for shaving, trimming and grooming. Just choose the one you want, click it onto the handle and get going.

  • One tool, any look
  • One tool, any look
  • One tool, any look


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One tool, any look

  • Choose between 3 click-on/off attachments to get your look

    Just click the attachment you need onto the handle to turn it into a shaver, beard trimmer or bodygroom. Click it off again when you've finished. For a smooth face, choose the shaver. For perfect stubble, reach for the trimmer. Want to groom your body hair? Time for the bodygroom. One tool, any look.

  • For extra skin protection, use with shaving cream

    Shave wet with shaving cream for extra skin protection, or dry for convenience.

  • Convenient and safe on skin

    The dual rotary razor attachment is designed for an easy and clean shave with no nicks and cuts.

  • Change your look with ease and precision

    Create anything from perfect stubble to a neatly trimmed beard or moustache. Simply rinse under the tap to clean.

  • Try different lengths to get the trim that suits you best

    Choose from 5 length settings: 1 mm for perfect 3-day stubble to 5 mm for a short beard.

  • Easy and safe body hair trimming and shaving

    Rounded combs and pearlised tips prevent skin irritation for reliably smooth grooming all over your body.

  • The handle and bodygroom attachment are water-resistant

    Comfortably trim and shave all your body hair, under the shower if you prefer.

  • Get up to 40 minutes of cordless power after a 1-hour charge

    The powerful battery lasts up to 40 minutes after a 1-hour charge. A 5-minute charge gives you several minutes of running time, so you can quickly finish off.

  • Battery light shows when battery is low, charging or full

    The battery light goes on to show when the battery is low, charging or full.

  • 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage and replaceable blades

    All of our shavers come with a 2-year worldwide guarantee and can adapt to any voltage. The trimmer blades never need to be oiled. The long-lasting blades only need to be replaced after 2 years. You should replace the bodygroom’s shaving foil every 12 months.

  • SmartClick system for easy click-on/off attachments

    The SmartClick attachment system makes it easy to turn your Click&Style into a shaver, beard trimmer or bodygroom. Just click the attachment you need onto the handle to complete your style.

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