Helping mums feel more comfortable with our NEW Comfort Single Electric breast pump

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There is nothing better you can give your baby then the health-enhancing benefits of breast milk. The NEW Philips AVENT Comfort breast pumps are designed to help you give breast milk to your child for longer whilst making the whole experience easier and more comfortable.

Comfort proven: Twice as many Mums prefer this pump over Medela Swing*

The Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump allows you to sit back and express in a more comfortable and relaxing position.

Developed with more than 25 years' clinical experience, with the help of lactation consultants and the advice of many breastfeeding mums, this is our most comfortable electric breast pump yet! Go to Breast pumps to see what mums love about this product.

*63% of mothers preferred the Philips AVENT Comfort Single electric breast pump for comfort when expressing vs 26% of mothers who preferred the Medela Swing. - Independent home placement test among 85 mothers in the UK, August 2012

How to breastfeed your baby

How to breastfeed your baby

Philips AVENT are working in partnership with the Royal Collage of Midwifes to help mums breastfeed for longer.

Going back to work

Going back to work

Tips for giving your baby breastmilk when going back to work.


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