Maximize your mobile phone

Your mobile phone is your lifeline, and Philips mobile phone accessories make that lifeline even more reliable.

Stay charged

Our selection of power solutions keep your mobile phone charged and ready for anything.
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Listen to your music

Our headsets and portable speakers enhance your mobile phone with precise sound, hands-free convenience and comfortable, long-lasting wear.
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Reliable protection

Your entire life is stored in your phone. So give it the protection it deserves – and do it in style!
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Stay charged twice as long

Your active lifestyle means you depend on reliable battery power. So Philips has designed easy to use portable chargers that will keep you connected wherever you go.

Philips offers a range of portable power solutions to deliver twice the talk, text, surfing and entertainment. Our portable power solutions are designed to be intuitive, compact and easy to use. Take a look at some of the convenient, easy to use features of our portable power solutions:

Fast charge

When you need a charge, you need it fast. So our portable mobile phone chargers deliver more power for a quicker charge.
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Double your battery life

Our portable chargers hold more than a complete charge to double your battery life on the go.
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Indicator light

The hidden power indicator lights on our portable mobile phone charger tell you at a glance how much charge remains.
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Get uptime from sunshine

The eco-friendly Philips Power station solar uses sunlight to deliver up to twice the battery life. Indicator lights tell you when the device is absorbing sunlight, and when it is fully charged. And, for those rainy days, the power pack will also charge via USB.
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Victoria reviews the Power station solar.

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Power solutions for wherever you are

Philips home and auto chargers offer many of the same intuitive, easy to use features as our portable chargers. At home and the office, our plug-in chargers dock to your mobile phone or iPhone, eliminating cable clutter. In the car, coiled cables, status lights and safety features help keep you free from distractions. At home or in the car, Philips chargers are designed to deliver more power for a faster charge.

Power station solar

The Philips Power station solar is the eco-friendly way to charge your mobile phone on the go. Charges via solar panels or USB to deliver up to twice the battery life.

Attachable battery pack

The Philips Attachable battery pack offers effortless charging on contact. Delivers a full charge or a quick boost, and doubles your battery life when you’re on the go.

Intelligent Auto-Charger

Delivers more power to charge even faster. The 3-stage light shows charging status at a glance.
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Sync & charge cable

A sync & charge cable and dock in one versatile package. You can bend the FlexAdapt base to create a convenient viewing stand in portrait or landscape.
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Sync & charge cable

Compact and convenient, this USB charger with folding plug will deliver more power to charge your mobile devices from any wall outlet even faster and simply, sing your device's existing USB charging cable.
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Did you know?

Get more life out of your battery by following
these handy tips:

  1. Turn off unused services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS
  2. Put your phone to sleep as often as possible.
  3. Dim the backlight on your screen
  4. Allow the battery to completely drain every now and then. It will keep your battery healthy.
  5. Cut back on your email checking and web surfing or text messaging

Smart protection

Philips believes in providing smart protection for your mobile phone. We study the ways that devices get damaged most often, and then we design case solutions to protect against the most likely threats. We add protective materials in the right density where they are needed most, so that you enjoy security without added bulk, as well as complete access and functionality.

Full cover case = full protection + full access

The Philips Full cover case allows you to brave the elements, unconcerned about dust, dirt and moisture affecting your iPhone. It features an interlocking design that offers all-over coverage for maximum protection and minimal bulk. You can enjoy full access to your iPhone while it is completely protected in the case.

Water resistant

The full cover case offers superior protection against moisture. Hit the beach, the slopes or the lake with confidence!

Silicone plugs

Headphone and 30-pin connector ports are the weak link in an all-over design. Not with the Philips Full cover case! Our design includes silicone plugs that seal openings when not in use.

Interlocking design

A hard shell protects the back of your device and soft, transparent silicone protects the edges and glass display. The two elements seal together securely for 360-degree enclosure and full access!

Protection as unique as you

Game case

Go for the high score with the sturdy, protective game case. It offers improved grip and protection for a better hand-held gaming experience.

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Fashion forward functionality

You want your case to provide reliable protection for your iPhone. You also want your case to stand out and be noticed. Philips offers cases designed to complement and enhance your device with a variety of colors, patterns, and graphics. Express your unique style, and turn your iPhone into a personal fashion accessory!

Soft shell

Slim case

Slim shells and hybrid shells

Philips Quality

All our accessories are high quality products because:

  1. We rigorously test our products to ensure quality, safety and regulatory compliance.
  2. Dedicated research teams study and utilize the latest colors and designs.
  3. We observe strict guidelines regarding harmful substances.
  4. Our products are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Superb sound with no distractions

Philips knows that you rely on your headset to connect you with the world – and to shut out its distractions. Whether you are making a call or listening to your favorite music, your headset should provide reliable service wherever and whenever you need it. It should offer you hands-free convenience. And it should provide comfortable fit for long-lasting wear.

Superior sound

Philips headsets provide rich, precise sound, including clear high tones and deep bass, even at low volumes.

Surround yourself in comfort

Philips headsets are lightweight and designed to fit. With soft, cushioned earpads, you can listen all day in perfect comfort.

Chaos cancelled

Our noise cancellation technology surrounds you with sound, and eliminates outside distractions that take away from your musical enjoyment.

Perfect for your workout

Philips knows that staying fit is all about staying motivated - and nothing motivates like your favourite tunes! Our lightweight, sweat-proof headsets deliver high-quality sound and comfortable, all day fit to power your workout.

Sports in ear headset

Designed for the fitness enthusiast, this in ear headset is lightweight and sweat proof. Adjustable cable length and convenient clip keep cords out of your way while you exercise. Includes integrated iPhone remote and mic.
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Sports earhook headset

Sweat proof, anti-microbial and washable, this sports earhook headset was designed with fitness in mind. It features comfortable, customizable earcaps and an adjustable-length cable ideal for use with a sports armband.
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Share the good times!

The same superior sound quality you find in Philips headsets is also available in our selection of portable speakers. Our portable speakers feature long-lasting battery life for all-day play, and digital amplifiers that eliminate mobile phone interference. Philips portable speakers make sharing your music a truly mobile experience!


This deceptively small package delivers high-quality stereo sound with rich bass performance. And the line-in cable doubles as a lanyard for easy carrying.

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This stylish travel speaker features a convenient folding stand. The line-in cable doubles as a lanyard for easy carrying. And a long-lasting battery offers 20 hours of continuous play.

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Enjoy stereo sound wherever you go on a travel speaker with exceptional battery life – up to 40 hours! The line-in cable doubles as a lanyard for easy portability.

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