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3 x 400 W UV Foldable full-body solarium

Foldable full-body solarium

3 x 400 W UV HB811/01 Find similar products
  • Look beautiful, feel great!

    Foldable full-body solarium

    HB811 Find similar products

    Full-body foldable solarium (1200 W) with 3 compact UV lamps, memory function and built-in timer. Attractive dark green colour.


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Look beautiful, feel great!

Great full-body suntan, save valuable space

  • Folding system to unfold and store out of sight when folded

    The Sunmobile can easily be folded thanks to the folding system. Folding and unfolding the product takes a matter of seconds thanks to the strong gas spring inside. Once folded the product can be stored out of sight when it is not in use. This truly saves you a lot of space in your house or apartment.

  • 3 Philips Cleo HPA Flex-Power lamps

    The Philips Cleo HPA Flex-Power lamps have a powerful UV-output that ensure a beautiful tan.

  • Built-in distance meter to determine your tanning distance

    Built-in distance meter to determine the distance between your body and the appliance. Helps you to use the tanning distance as advised in the user manual.

  • 2 pairs of eye-protecting goggles

    Two pairs of goggles are included, to protect your eyes from the UV light.

  • Automatically shuts off after 45 minutes, for your safety

    Automatically shuts off after 45 minutes, for your safety. This prevents you from tanning too long (e.g. if you fall asleep while tanning).

  • Full-body tanning field (1.80 x 0.70 m)

    The full-body Tanning Field (1.80 x 0.70 m) ensures the UV light reaches your entire body.

  • Comfortable tanning distance for more freedom of movement

    The comfortable tanning distance of 65 cm between your body and lamps gives you a lot of freedom of movement during your tanning session.

  • Height Adjustment to adapt the height to that of your bed

    To set the correct tanning distance you can use the height adjustment. The height of the tanning appliance can be adapted to the height of your bed and body. This is to ensure a safe tanning distance and an even suntan.

  • Session memory for 2 users keeps track of tanning sessions

    The session memory helps you remember how many tanning sessions you have had, so you can easily follow the recommended tanning guidelines. There are two separate counters for use by two people.

  • Cord winder to conveniently store the mains cord

    The cord can be wrapped around the heel rest, so that the appliance is easy to store.

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