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Effortless excellence

This Philips food processor HR7775/00 has some of the most advanced technologies. Its versatility is ensured by 10 accessories that easily perform 30+ functions. Additionally this Food Processor offers you a professional juicing accessory.

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Product features

  • Up to 200% faster juicing compared with other food processor juicers

    This food processor is the first to offer you a professional juicing accessory. Thanks to its extra large feeding tube and patented large metal mesh filter, it can juice up to 200% faster compared with other food processor juicers. And thanks to its ergonomic design, it is quicker to clean and store.

  • 10 accessories to easily perform 30+ functions

    The dishwasher-safe accessories are: a kneading tool for mixing batter and for heavy kneading; A stainless steel chopping knife to prepare meat and vegetables; Two metal disks to handle medium and fine shredding and grating; Break-resistant blender of 1.5 L for blending, crushing and stirring different ingredients; A citrus press for pressing citrus fruits; And a balloon beater for whipping and whisking and handling light batter.

  • XL feeding tube takes whole items of fruit or vegetables

    The XL feeding tube takes whole items of fruits and vegetables so you don't need to pre-cut them any more.

  • Up to 7 portions in 1 go with the XL bowl

    The XL bowl allows for maximum volumes to be processed in one go: capacity for 2 l soup, 1.7 kg dough, 7 egg whites.

  • Patented micromesh filter gets out more juice

    The patented micromesh filter made of stainless steel squeezes every drop to give you more juice.

  • Adjustable blade for slices between 1–7 mm

    With the adjustable slicing blade, you can make slices as thin as 1 mm and up to 7 mm thick.

  • 1000 W motor

    With the powerful 1000 W motor of this Philips food processor you can adjust speed precisely to get desired results.

  • Compact 3-in-1 setup saves countertop space

    Compact 3-in-1 setup fits juice extractor, blender or bowl so uses up a minimum of space on your countertop.

  • Stylish design to fit your kitchen

    Stylish and compact design looks great in every kitchen and takes up little space on your kitchen counter.