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Fidelio Over-ear Black Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

Fidelio Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

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  • High fidelity, premium quality


    Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

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    With the Fidelio X1 headphones, you're in for an authentic listening experience in exquisite sound and comfort, in your very own home. Immerse in pristine sound details and custom-fit design that's crafted for your total enjoyment.

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  • High fidelity, premium quality
  • High fidelity, premium quality
  • High fidelity, premium quality


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High fidelity, premium quality

Enjoy music at home

  • Acoustic open-back architecture for pristine audio fidelity

    An acoustic open-back architecture eliminates air pressure build-up behind the driver, allowing the diaphragm ample free movement, greatly enhancing sound transparency and smoothening extended high frequencies.

  • Breathable velour material helps dissipate pressure and heat

    Crafting the Philips Fidelio X1 starts with meticulously choosing each material for its functionality and ergonomic comfort. Deluxe memory foam ear pads are matched with a velour material of optimised density with high breathability, to dissipate pressure and heat for longer-wearing comfort.

  • Double layered ear-shells diminish resonance and vibration

    The X1's double-layered ear shells are engineered to reduce resonance and vibration, bringing you flawless sound with genuine precision and uncompromised detail. The solid, layered construction ensures durability, making the X1 the ideal music companion at home.

  • Powerful 50 mm neodymium drivers for wide yet precise range

    Each speaker is carefully handpicked, tuned and tested, and is paired for the most detailed natural sound. The 50-mm drivers utilise high-power neodymium magnets to reproduce all your music's dynamics and deliver well-balanced crisp bass, transparent mid-range and pristine high frequencies.

  • Pre-tilted drivers fit the ears for minimal sound reflection

    The ear shells are engineered to tilt at 15 degrees, fitting your ear's natural geometry and immersing you in a truly precise and unadulterated sound performance. Audio signals are directly channelled into your ears, creating a dynamic and authentic listening experience.

  • Self-adjustable airy hammock with 3D mesh for perfect fit

    The self-adjustable lightweight hammock features an airy 3D mesh, which is not only breathable, but also means you can always be sure of a perfect fit.

  • Genuine calf leather headband for style and durability

  • Dedicated cable management clip for tangle-free ease

  • Deluxe memory foam earpads for long-wearing comfort

  • 3 m OFC woven cable ensures high-quality signal and durability

    Its 3.0 m detachable OFC Kevlar reinforced woven cable ensures low handling noise and tangle-free use. With the Philips Fidelio X1, you can expect only the most immersive listening experience, just as the artist intended, in the intimacy of your own home.

  • Specially tuned diaphragm maintains uniform sound precision

    The diaphragm features a special profile to maintain uniform precision and reduce sound distortion, allowing meticulous details to come through.

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