Ideal for large loads
and the ultimate in
pressed perfection,
guaranteeing the
fastest and quietest

Ideal for large loads
and the ultimate in
pressed perfection,
guaranteeing the
fastest most conve-
nient ironing with
detachable water tank.

Ideal for the largest
ironing loads in half
the time thanks to
the largest water
tank capacity.

Ideal for 2x faster
ironing with the
most effective anti-
scale cartridge
filtration system and
5 years warranty
against scale

The fastest steam
iron with a compact
steam generator
inside. Ideal for smal-
ler ironing loads and
on the go perfection.        

The fastest steam
iron with deep and
powerful steam, ideal
for everyday use.

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PerfectCare with Optimal Temp

The world’s smartest irons with no temperature settings

Steam Generator Iron

Produces twice as much steam as a standard steam iron that makes ironing twice as quick
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Steam Iron

Wide range of powerful steam irons for effective crease removal
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Iron Accessories

Solutions for anti-calc, soleplate cleaners and various water tanks
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Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron


Philips T-IonicGlide Solepate on PerfectCare Azur Steam Generator Iron


Philips PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron


Philips T-IonicGlide Solepate on PerfectCare Pure Iron

Easy De-Calc


Easy De-Calc and Maintenance for your Steam iron and Steam Generator


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Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks for easier, faster and safer ironing from expert Karen Malecki


Behind Scenes


Behind the scenes of producing the world's No. 1 irons

Tested and approved by independent experts

“PerfectCare is the first iron in the world to meet the specifications of for Woolmark Apparel Care Gold, for use on pure wool fabrics.”
- Woolmark

“Philips PerfectCare shows excellent ironing results and no risk of burns and it is so easy to use. It is an amazing breakthrough, an ironing revolution”  -IWTO

“The Optimal TEMP technology provides perfect ironing from natural fabrics to synthetics, the steam and temperature balance delivers excellent results with no micro shines. Compared to other steam generators, Philips PerfectCare showed the best performance on our labs.”





Easy De-Calc

Those dirty marks that appear on your clothes after using an old iron are the result of
scale (caused by calcium [calc] in water), which can often be found on the soleplate of
your iron if left to build up. Not only does scale build-up lead to unsightly coloured
marks and stains, but it can also reduce the amount of steam released, resulting in
inconsistent flow and poor end results. Scale will always be present in tap water, but
with a little care you can ensure your iron stays in great condition and your clothes
remain stain-free and looking their best.

Easier, faster and safer ironing

Not only is it about the iron you use, it's important that you know how best to use it.
Whether you love or loath it we want to help you power through your ironing pile simply and easily.

How-to iron a shirt


How-to iron a dress


How-to iron jeans


How-to steam

Tips and Tricks

For helping your garments looking their best

Clip Hangers
When hanging trousers' it's worth investing in clip hangers' to hang them by the waist and clip them in a discreet spot that won't show when worn. You will also retain the trousers perfectly ironed crease!


Do not hang sweaters: they are too heavy for hanging and the shoulders get stretched and distorted. Fold them instead.


Wooden Hangers
No wire hangers! Hangers that the dry cleaner sends you home with should be thrown away. Invest in wooden hangers that help clothes retain their shape.

Tips and Tricks

For helping your garments looking their best

Ironing Prints
If you are ironing clothing with stickers and prints, just iron them on the opposite side and place another piece of material on top for extra protection.


Linen & Cotton
When ironing linen and cotton dresses or shirts, after washing, let them dry on a hanger to limit the amount of creasing. A slightly damp garment can also make it easier.


Prevent Shine
To prevent shine/print on your clothes, avoid ironing over uneven surfaces or use a piece of cotton over the surface during ironing.

State of the art garment
care products from Philips

Since 1956, when Philips produced its first electric iron, we have been perfecting the garment care experience. We put 200 prototypes through 5000 hours of testing for every new product launch! And before we bring an iron to the market, we put it into homes for eight weeks of real-life testing.

We have now sold over 400 million irons worldwide and tackled creases and wrinkles for over 174 billion hours, so every 2.5 seconds someone in the world chooses a Philips iron.