What has the power to...

Streamline your clinical workflow?

Enable dose management across your organization?

Enhance your department throughput?

Answer: Radiology—like you’ve never seen it before

Streamlines your clinical workflow


IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 is an advanced visualization and analysis solution offering one 3-step approach to give you one comprehensive overview of your patient.

Enables dose management across your organization

DoseWise Portal solution is the only turnkey dose management solution that gives you control over patient dose and staff occupational dose.

Enhances your department throughput

See how Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen (NL) was able to use DigitalDiagnost and MobileDiagnost wDR to maintain very efficient workflow with a high throughput at a predictable expense level.
At Philips, we see the potential for radiology to help solve some of today’s healthcare challenges. That’s why we’re committed to helping radiology extend its impact, giving you the power to boost value, reduce costs, and have a bigger effect at every level of care.

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