Inspection Lamps

LED Inspection and Work lamps

The new LED Inspection and LED Work lamps draw on Philips recognized expertise in the development and use of lighting across a broad range of applications such as shops, homes, offices and automotive lighting. Discover the new and improved Philips LED Inspection lamps and LED Work lamps designed for professionals where precise, visual inspection is important and where safety and comfort is a must. Manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials to the highest Original Equipment quality standards, these advanced LED inspection and work lighting solutions produce natural yet extremely powerful light, ranging from 6 000 K to 6 500 K, which is the best light spectrum for comfortable and concentrated work.

Defeat Darkness

Professional mechanics and technicians have to solve a variety of complex problems every day. But sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t diagnosing the fault, it’s having the space, light and dexterity to put it right. We can help you illuminate every detail with pinpoint precision.

Compact lighting tools

The portable worker’s companion that combines high-power LED technology with a robust, user-friendly design in a compact size.

Multivoltage professional lighting tools

Discover two powerful multivoltage (100~240V) LED Work lamps designed for maintenance and long-term inspection work.

Cordless professional lighting tools

Discover the powerful and versatile cordless rechargeable LED Work lamps for all maintenance work.

LED Multidirectional lighting system

The Multidirectional lighting system consists of three independent LED modules which may be placed as needed to provide powerful lighting in or around a vehicle, or in any other working area.

Automotive Tools


Philips Automotive offers you professional tools and services such as guide tools and trainings to provide you with maximum satisfaction.