New Peterborough Super Hospital Chooses Philips for Patient Monitoring

May 23, 2011

The new state-of-the-art Peterborough City Hospital, which only opened its doors to patients last December and is the largest building project in the area since the construction of the Cathedral 800 years ago, has chosen Philips to supply its patient monitoring systems, including the first IntelliVue MX800iPC patient monitor to be installed in a UK hospital.


The MX800iPC is the first patient care system to incorporate patient monitoring and clinical informatics and is designed to simplify access to patient information. As its monitor and PC clinicians can use the MX800ipC to access patient information from the hospital intranet or other PCs without compromising vital signs monitoring or clinical alerts.


The Mx800iPC is an addition to the  IntelliVue family of networked patient monitors. Designed to give care teams throughout the hospital bed side access to more of the information needed to enhance diagnostic confidence Clinicians at the Peterborough City Hospital will be using a number of monitors from the IntelliVue family including the compact MP30, which provides flexible care and can be used during patient transfer; the portable MP50, designed to match the pace and unique needs of intermediate care environments, at the patient’s side; the versatile MP70, which can be used for both critical and intermediate care; and the MP5, which can be used both in and outside of the hospital.

Bringing all these monitors together is the ubiquitous X2giving seamless monitor to monitor data transfer.


John Atwill, Managing Director, Philips Healthcare UK & Ireland, said, “We’re proud and excited to be the chosen supplier for patient monitoring at this new, state-of-the-art healthcare facility.” He added: “Philips’ patient monitoring systems are the best in the world because they’re designed to help healthcare professionals in centres like Peterborough City Hospital make the most of their time, talent and resources, and to support in the delivery of high quality patient care.”


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Notes to Editor


About the Philips IntelliVue Range



The small, sturdy MP5 patient monitor delivers IntelliVue monitoring power and functionality in a format which allows it to be used in a wide range of care environments both inside and outside the hospital. It comes configured with commonly required industry-leading measurements and touchscreen operation so that clinicians can focus on the patient not the monitor. It can operate via wireless or wired connections, ensuring that the collection of patient data will not be interrupted no matter where the patient is located.


MP 30

The MP30 patient monitor provides powerful monitoring capability in a compact package, designed to match the needs of intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, post-operative care, special procedures, lower acuity environments and patient transfer. It has highly flexible screen configurations; is easy to use and can operate via wireless or wired connections. Through the Philips Multi-Measurement Server and extensions, the MP30 delivers best-in-class measurements including conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration and cardiac output.



The IntelliVue MP50 patient monitor combines portability and measurement flexibility for use at the patient’s side in intermediate care environments. It has a number of built-in clinical tools such as Event Surveillance, conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG and arrhythmia analysis, and can be configured to suit patient acuity, department protocols or for specific procedure requirements.



This monitor is designed to match the needs of adult, paediatric and neo-natal intensive care; anaesthesia and peri-operative care as well as cardiac care environments. Portal technology uses Philips Tunnelling Control Engine to prioritse physiologic measurements, monitoring information and alarm notifications regardless of the amount of network traffic. IntelliVue offers uninterrupted patient monitoring without the risk of system overload or the need for additional network connections. The MP70 features a touchscreen operation which makes many functions accessible through simple, one-touch commands.



The IntelliVue MX800 provides an exceptional integration of monitoring and patient information, capitalising on next-generation ‘IT-centric’ bedside applications. Featuring a PC and monitor which are concurrent and independent, the MX800 allows clinicians to quickly and easily access information from the hospital intranet or applications at the bedside without compromising the monitoring of the patient’s vital signs or clinical alerts. The MX800 provides a suite of clinical decision and workflow support applications at the point of care. For example, it monitors subtle changes in the patient’s condition and compares these to the defined criteria for screening sepsis to ensure that any early signs of sepsis are recognised.



2010 Net Promoter Scores

The official Net Promoter Score (NPS) results for 2010 have just been released, revealing that Philips Healthcare is now the number one recommended digital X-Ray provider in the UK.  NPS is a well-known, independent method of defining customer satisfaction and loyalty. It helps manufacturers identify brand promoters and is a strong indication of business performance. The key features for Philips in achieving this lead over its competitors include the quality of the product, plus ease-of-use and reliability.