‘Walk the Light’ for London Design Festival at V&A

August 23, 2012

Commissioned as part of the London Design Festival at the V&A (14 – 23 September 2012), the Museum’s Exhibition Road tunnel entrance will be transformed by a unique, interactive lighting installation. Walk the Light is the Festival’s first bespoke lighting installation and aims to challenge how light is perceived, engaging visitors with something they often take for granted.


Lighting Designer Dominic Harris, and his team at Cinimod Studio, have collaborated with lighting experts Philips to bring this original project to life. Dominic’s chosen palette of materials is lighting, interaction design and electronics, making him the perfect choice to deliver a dynamic and memorable experience, whilst Philips’ depth and breadth of lighting has realised the scheme.


In Walk the Light visitors control this innovative lighting installation simply by how they move through the tunnel. This stunning interactive project creates a band of white light that physically follows the visitor, forming a bright line of light tracking their journey. As one person passes, the white light jumps to the next arrival. Either side of the white band, washes of strong colour are pushed and pulled along the tunnel creating an ambient lighting effect that represents the overall ebb and flow of the day's visitors. Throughout the day it is expected there will be a shift in the hue and saturation of these colours as they respond to the prevailing direction of movement of the crowds.


Using a combination of technologies, including thermal camera tracking and Philips LED lighting mounted on a moving monorail, Walk the Light demonstrates lighting design’s increasing sophistication as it playfully - and beautifully - transforms the experience of arriving at the Museum.


Dominic Harris says: “I am fascinated by light and the interaction of light, architecture and art. Responsiveness is also an essential part of all of the projects undertaken by Cinimod Studio. Walk the Light embodies all of these aspects and seeks to capture the imagination of visitors, playfully transforming their experience of arriving at the Museum by mapping the volume of traffic and converting the data into a living expression of the space.  “


Rowena Priess, Creative Director, Philips comments: “The lighting world is undergoing a huge transformation and as a result of LED, the possibilities with light to change and enhance a space are now limitless. Dominic has real vision and takes the flexibility of LED technology to new heights, truly inspiring people to see what light can do.”


Also on view at the V&A as part of the London Design Festival is Cinimod’s Ice Angel, an interactive artwork providing participants with a glimpse of themselves depicted in angelic form.

Inspired by the way children create snow angels in fresh snow, Ice Angel introduces the digital twist of being a performance portrait device that pairs the participant to their angel identity. Ice Angel will be on display in the Museum’s British Galleries, in the space previously occupied by the renowned ‘Great Bed of Ware’ currently on loan to the Ware Museum.

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About Royal Philips Electronics

Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is a diversified health and well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting.


Philips is a global leader in lighting and is pioneering the use of LED technology in both commercial and consumer lighting arenas. Light is no longer just about a bulb or the component, it is so much more; light can affect our mood, enhance our surroundings and improve our well-being. It is a vital part of making our lives fuller, more productive and safer. Our lighting business focuses on innovative ways of using light to simply enhance people’s lives wherever they are - at home, at work, in shops and public places, as well as on the road. At Philips light has been a source of inspiration for over 100 years and together with architects, lighting designers, public authorities, city planners, and the public we aim to uplift, inspire and transform environments.  


About Cinimod Studio

Cinimod Studio is a cross-discipline practice based in London specializing in the fusion of architecture and lighting design. It was started by the architect Dominic Harris, whose passion for interactive art and lighting design has produced built projects now found across the international art and architecture scene.

The ongoing work of Cinimod Studio is both visually stunning and technologically advanced. A dedication to research and development ensures that the studio stays abreast of the latest technologies and fabrication techniques. The studio is currently involved in several projects in both the UK and abroad, and has designed bespoke lighting products that are now in production.

It is a fundamental belief of the studio that we should design the experience first and then use our best technologies and techniques for making it a reality.

Festival information

Continually updated Festival details are published at The official guide to the London Design Festival 2012 will be distributed across London in early September.


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Facts about the London Design Festival

The London Design Festival is a key constituent of London’s Autumn creative season, alongside London Fashion Week, Frieze Art Fair and the London Film Festival.  Established in 2003 its role is to celebrate and promote London as the world’s creative capital and gateway to the UK’s world-class creative community.


With an audience of over 350,000 attending Festival events and more than 2m people experiencing large scale outdoor installations, the London Design Festival can now claim to have the world’s biggest audience for a design event, with visitors from over 50 countries recorded in 2011.


Last year there were 65 shows and events at Festival’s central hub at the V&A and the Museum recorded a significant 60% increase in visitors during the Festival period.


The Festival works closely with, and receives financial support directly from, the Mayor’s Office – having transferred support from the London Development Agency.


The London Design Festival also receives support from Arts Council England, London as a Regularly Funded Organisation for 2011/12.