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How LED lighting rebuilt the identity of a city

The port city of Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas has always been dominated by the magnificent steel through-arch bridge across the bay.

For anyone who grew up locally, the Corpus Christi Harbour Bridge was an ever-present backdrop which helped shape their identity and was an object of widespread affection and veneration. But as times got tougher, the lights on the Corpus Christi Harbour Bridge went out and a nocturnal landmark disappeared.

It's a distinction for us, so our residents now look at it as something that gives a sense of pride. Not only were they environmentally efficient, they're going to be cost-effective".


Nelda Martinez

Mayor of Corpus Christi

Happily, it's now back and with the help of thousands of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LEDs, it's infinitely more striking than ever before. An exciting new project to re-illuminate the structure, in which city authorities worked in partnership with Philips, gave the Corpus Christi Harbour Bridge a makeover by treating it as a living work of art. They didn't just demonstrate how personalised LED-empowered lighting in cities can transform a space; they created a vibrant attraction that allowed this industrial design jewel to show itself in a new, 21st century guise. Multi-coloured lights now pick out the contours of the bridge in a beautiful, ever-changing, ultra-modern display, which has become a tourist attraction in its own right and revitalised the area. Because the locals love the Corpus Christi Harbour Bridge so much, it has even boosted the fortunes of one local photographer who now uses the bridge as a dramatic outdoor studio.
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individually addressable colour-changing nodes. All controlled using a Pharos LPC X LED lighting controller.


Citation: Philips

Lighting new paths


Corpus Mayor Nelda Martinez helped the Philips partnership come to fruition, and she beams with pride about the Philips lights on the Harbor Bridge. She also has a prestigious “first” title. Click to find out what that is and more about her city.

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