Light that inspired a city

Vietnam's LED-lit bridge which created a tourist industry

If it's used imaginatively, lighting can dramatically increase the potency of a beautiful or iconic structure and change the whole community.

The most striking attraction in the Vietnamese port city of Da Nang is the Dragon Bridge, and it has created an entirely new tourist attraction, spawning many businesses around it. It's a giant sculpture that snakes over the harbour crossing, the curves of its metallic spine forming enormous arches above the traffic on the road below.

The bridge has been central to our overall growth. This year we are hoping to receive around three million tourists".


Tran Chi Cuong

Deputy Director, Danang Dept. of Sports, Culture and Tourism

It’s a striking enough sight by day, but at night the Dragon bridge becomes a national must-see, putting Da Nang firmly on the country’s tourist map. The city attracts more than three million tourists a year, in part thanks to the display of 900 LED lights installed by Philips. From its dark surroundings, this brilliant LED light show makes it appear as if the golden dragon is flying through the clouds. The biggest thrill is when the giant iron creature breathes real fire from its enormous mouth. It’s a thrilling sight which crowds flock to see on weekend evenings, timing their visit to see the flames of the Dragon Bridge shoot into the night sky. This colourful film from one of south-east Asia’s most intriguing countries shows how the Dragon bridge changed one local woman's life by creating an exciting new job opportunity, as Le Thi Vinh ditched her factory job to become a bridge-side juice vendor with a thriving business. It’s a perfect illustration of the way vibrant LED lighting in cities can transform a space and in turn generate tourism and stimulate economic growth.
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Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting fixtures illuminate the bridge.


Citation: Philips

LED luminaires have twice the lifespan of conventional lighting?

False. LED luminaires have up to five times the lifespan of conventional lighting. This longer lifespan means this lighting has generally much lower maintenance and operating costs. Citation: McKinsey Circular Economy

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