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Education and LEDs are inspiring a nation.

Sometimes it's the new generations who are most likely to change the future, who bring clarity of understanding that their older mentors might miss. So Philips has developed a dual approach to help the country create a more sustainable and powerful lighting strategy.

An innovative Philips Lighting partnership in the Middle East is proving an inspiration for both children and their parents. In the United Arab Emirates, lighting accounts for around 20% of all energy consumption — and recent research shows that by using energy-efficient LED lighting systems, businesses, governments and consumers could save more than 80% of their costs.

We believe that to change the mindset is to change the future — and it starts with children."


Anissa Abbou

Philips Lighting director, Middle East

The first way to do this is by conducting special educational programmes in schools that show children how they can transform the future by learning about LEDs, taking simple steps such as switching off the lights whenever possible and persuading their parents to turn off air-conditioning units when doors and windows are open. Secondly, Philips has formed a formidable partnership with the Dubai Municipality to change all the lights in government buildings and install environmentally friendly LED lighting systems. The idea is that such collaboration, based on technological development, education and meaningful innovation, will be replicated throughout the region.
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