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    LED inspection lamps

    Defeat darkness

    LED inspection lamps

    defeat darkness video

    See how our professional workshop lamps defeat darkness in the desert


    Professional mechanics and technicians have to solve a variety of complex problems every day. But sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t diagnosing the fault, it’s having the space, light and dexterity to put it right. We can help you illuminate every detail with pinpoint precision.

    see how color

    LED Inspection Lamps - See better, work better

    Philips professional workshop lamps feature powerful LEDs for an intense white light and a bright wide beam to defeat darkness. Designed to optimize clarity and vision, the 6 000 K white light also improves visual comfort for fatigue-free working.

    Extremely durable

    In extreme environments you need tools that are up to the job.

    Comfortable, safe working

    Our professional workshop lamps feature powerful, bright, intense light to optimize clarity and vision.

    Right lamp for every application

    Our range of professional workshop lamps provide the best light for every task.