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    LED inspection lamps

    Defeat darkness

    LED inspection lamps

    Comfortable, safe working

    Comfortable, safe working

    High power LEDs for maximum light performance

    Our lamps feature powerful, high-quality LEDs for a bright, intense light with maximum performance that optimises clarity and vision.

    Highest light output with white LED light

    The white LED light has a high lumen output to guarantee you have more visible light.

    Wide beam angle with even light distribution

    The wide beam of bright light is distributed evenly over the illuminated area, giving you the optimum overview and lighting every detail with pinpoint precision.

    Natural white light (6000 K) for visual comfort

    Our white LEDs have a color temperature of 6000 K. They produce a natural white light that’s easy on the eye, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain for fatigue-free working.

    Extremely durable

    In extreme environments you need tools that are up to the job.
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    Right lamp for every application

    Our range of professional workshop lamps provide the best light for every task.
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    Choose your professional workshop lamp

    Choose the Philips professional workshop lamp that's right for the job.
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