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    LED Inspection lamps

      LED Inspection lamps

      See better, work better

      Philips automotive LED inspection lamps, defeat darkness


      • Powerful, high-quality LEDs for a bright, intense light to optimize clarity and vision
      • Designed for durability, impact and shock-resistant housings : IK7 and IK9
      • Water, dirt and dust protection: up to IP68
      • With the option of hands-free lighting : clever hooks, clips and detachable cables and magnets

      Why use Philips headlight?

      Hands-free lighting means you can work more easily and effectively. When you need both hands for a tricky task or difficult conditions, our headlights are the ideal tools. The adjustable beam angle and headband, together with unique features like our FindMe LED, help to provide optimal illumination in the workplace.


      HDL10 lifestyle
      boost light
      Boost light 100lm
      operating hours
      Operating time up to 10 hours

      Additional features

      Intense white light for optimal vision
      light angle
      90° rotating light module to direct the luminous flux

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      Automotive support

      Automotive Support

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      Where to buy

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      Automotive articles

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