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    LED Inspection lamps

      LED Inspection lamps

      See better, work better

      Philips automotive LED inspection lamps, defeat darkness


      • Powerful, high-quality LEDs for a bright, intense light to optimize clarity and vision
      • Designed for durability, impact and shock-resistant housings : IK7 and IK9
      • Water, dirt and dust protection: up to IP68
      • With the option of hands-free lighting : clever hooks, clips and detachable cables and magnets

      Why use Philips specialized light?

      We’ve designed our specialized work lights to simplify your daily work without compromising on light output or toughness. Our hybrid hood lamp is specifically tailored for work in the engine compartment and has a 360° rotating light along with a telescopic holder. We’ve also developed a unique 3-in-1 module that includes powerful but compact work lights offering high impact resistance and a full set of accessories for hands-free use.


      CBH51 lifestyle
      boost light
      Boost light 1200lm
      operating hours
      Operating time up to 5.5 hours

      Additional features

      flexible module
      360° rotating light module
      fixation holder
      Integrated telescopic mount 1.1-1.8m
      long cable
      Cabled 5m or cordless usage

      MDLS CRI

      MDLS CRI
      MDLS CRI lifestyle
      boost light
      Boost light 1500lm
      operating hours
      Operating time up to 2.5 hours

      Additional features

      High color-rendering index close to natural sunlight CRI 92
      impact resistance
      High impact resistance IK07
      charging station
      Rechargeable via docking station

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      Automotive Support

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