Manage Psoriasis With A Simple Meditation Routine

Calm your mind with a simple meditation technique

Mental health management is important, but for patients who have psoriasis, mental health care should be a number one priority. More than a third of psoriasis patients say the disease affects their emotional wellbeing (1) but only four per cent of Dermatology Units have access to a counsellor. (2)

That’s why taking steps to manage your own mental health is essential. Learn how you mind works and what you can do to calm it down when negative thinking starts to take over. Why not try this 10-minute mindfulness exercise that can be incorporated into your day?

Step one: Find a suitable quiet spot, even if that means retreating to your car for some alone time.


Step two: Switch off your phone and set a ten-minute timer with a soft wake up call.


Step three: Rest your palms on your legs and drop your chin slightly. Close your eyes and gently breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this five times. Long and slow. Concentrate on your breathing.


Step four: Continue your breathing and starting with your head, mentally move down your body as you consider how every part feels, especially where you have psoriasis. Are you tense? Aching? Relaxed?


Step five: When you get to your feet, repeat the exercise moving from feet to head.


Step six: Once you have reached your head, try to let go of any thoughts and continue to concentrate on your breathing.


Step seven: When your alarm signals the end of your routine, slowly open your eyes and focus on how your mind feels. You are now ready to continue your day.


Change your idea about psoriasis therapy.

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