It’s about time: How to balance psoriasis therapy with your lifestyle

Determining the right psoriasis treatment to gain quality time every day


We want to empower you to live an active and healthy life

Feel like you are forever running against the clock trying to fit your psoriasis therapy around your lifestyle? Here are some simple steps for running your life and your psoriasis therapy simulataneously, and without running out of time for the things that matter to you.


Let’s face it: Time management with a chronic disease is a considerable challenge as it is time-consuming to read up on your condition, to attend frequent doctor’s appointments, to obtain medications, to dilligently follow treatment plans, to record the daily progression of your psoriasis symptoms…


…Urgh! Just reading that sentence was exhausting, but we understand that it is not nearly as exhausting as physically experiencing that long list of psoriasis ‘chores’ on a daily basis. Then, also having to explain the rigours of your condition to the ‘healthy' is a whole other ball game.


On top of that, it is particularly hard if a psoriasis treatment does not seem to be compatible with your condition and your lifestyle. Since, for example, if you have to maintain very strict working hours but need to keep cutting into them to dash off to your doctor for phototherapy, it could create stress at work and trigger a stress-induced psorasis flare-up, and an even greater need for a fitting psoriasis therapy.


That’s why it is essential to strike a balance between treating your disease and living your life. Successful time management is a key piece of the psoriasis-controlling puzzle. Furthermore, it will increase the chances that you as a psoriasis patient respect advised therapy frequency.



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1. Get ready and start with just five to 10 minutes a day

Don’t fall into the trap of going overboard just because your skin was fine with it by the end of last summer. Start with a short exposure of maximum 10 minutes. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can gradually increase the time by a few minutes each day. 
1. Get ready and start with just five to 10 minutes a day

Don’t fall into the trap of going overboard just because your skin was fine with it by the end of last summer. Start with a short exposure of maximum 10 minutes. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can gradually increase the time by a few minutes each day. 

3. Be smart and keep a record


Always note down what time and for how long you were in the sun. Tracking your exposure and keeping aware of it allows you to track your treatment success. This is especially important if you are undergoing psoriasis treatment with UV radiation at the same time. You might have already reached your maximum radiation level of UVA (315-400 nm), UVB (280-315 nm), and UVC (100-280 nm) without realising it. A great way to track UV radiation is by using wearables. From wristband trackers to skin patches, there are a lot of gadgets out there that can help you keep a record. Some of them even monitor your vitamin D levels!




Why it is vital to treat your psoriasis on a regular basis

Studies have shown that up to 40% of psoriasis patients do not follow their prescribed treatment as directed.1 This can be for voluntary reasons, for instance the patient feels the treatment interferes with their routine, and for involuntary reasons like forgetfulness. Interestingly, it has been discovered that “Treatment adherence rates for a once daily regimen were significantly higher than twice daily dosing (82% vs. 44%, respectively).”1


When you stick to treating your psoriasis every day, and especially if you only need to treat your psoriasis once per day, you will consequently more likely see skin improvement. Meaning less time spent fretting over ineffectual treatments or feeling anxious and more time saved for the things that count.

Changing your perspective of time

Concentrate as much as possible on the present, rather than worrying about the future ramifications of your condition. However, do set yourself some short-term goals – like successfully completing four weeks of treatment without skipping a day – and you will reap long term benefits.


Even if you have already heard this time and time again: Try to believe that your glass is half full rather than half empty. It is true that managing your psoriasis is like a careful balancing act which requires extra thought and preparation and some sacrifices that non-sufferers may not encounter, but you should not have to overcalculate things at the expense of relishing your life. We all have the gift of 24 hours in a day and we can choose how best to fill them.

Responding to life’s challenges with agility

As you know, there will always be unexpected events that effect your routine, such as an illness or a flare-up. Being able to handle these without letting stress levels skyrocket is fundamental. We understand that this is more easily said than done. So another way we try to support you on your psoriasis journey, is via articles like these. For more insights read Get on top of psoriasis stress where we share tips on coping with stress.


Still, on days where you feel overburdened, reach out to friends, family, and specialists for help. Keep in mind that it is critical that you speak with your doctor as soon as you are disillusioned with a treatment. 

Working in synergy with your doctor

Indeed, time is also a factor when it comes to your doctor. There is evidence according to one study2 that while specific guidelines for managing chronic diseases exist, doctors unfortunately do not always have the time to safeguard that their chronically ill patients receive complete treatment.


When doctors are pressed for time patients might fear not being treated optimally and they may also then not follow their recommended treatment plan optimally either. Ultimately, regular and adaptable psoriasis treatment delivery modes are required.


So try to ensure that your doctor can dedicate enough time to your case. If not, consider switching doctors and when you have several doctors make sure they are communicating too.

Streamlining psoriasis therapy with your lifestyle

As a long-term psoriasis sufferer, do you feel like you have always had to choose between comfort, flexibility, and effectiveness when dealing with a psoriasis therapy? This leaves you constantly unsatisfied and yearning for an all-in-one solution so you no longer need to make compromises.


Philips BlueControl Advance – the world’s first wearable phototherapy device for treating mild to moderate plaque psoriasis with Blue LED light – encapsulates comfort, flexibility, and effectiveness, and could enable you to streamline your everyday life with psoriasis therapy.

Reaping the benefits of effective time management

You can use the device at home or on the go, thereby eliminating the repeat visits to the doctor’s office necessitated by conventional UV-light therapy. It fits into your daily routine with minimum effort, you simply perservere with 15 minute sessions daily per plaque while you carry on doing all the things you need and like to do in parallel. It is a UV and chemical-free psoriasis treatment solution and therefore free of the side-effects associated with more traditional methods.


So during those 15 minutes you have to spare each day, turn on your Philips BlueControl Advance device and try one of these 15-minute activity ideas. It can swiftly and seamlessly merge with your lifestyle, without dominating it, letting you also truly appreciate life’s special moments. And, because you enjoy the time spent treating your psoriasis plaques, you would not wish to miss a single daily episode.


By reassessing your psoriasis therapy now you can better control your everyday life and psoriasis treatment, enduringly. As a result, it is just a matter of time before you can enhance your skin, gain more time to do the things that are important to you, and feel more tranquil overall.

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