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    How to prevent mould at home with an air purifier

    Mould isn’t only smelly, but it can also be unhealthy too, so learning how to prevent mould in house will help you keep a healthier home. Did you know that air purifiers aren’t just useful for improving air quality, but they are also effective for fighting mould, too? Here we’ll provide you with some top tips on not only how to use air purifiers to get rid of mould from the air, but also how to neutralise nasty odours and how to prevent mould in the future.

    Removing mould spores from air with an air purifier

    Wondering why you should you use an air purifier? Mould spores float around in your home’s atmosphere, and an air purifier can do a great job of filtering them out. Mould will struggle to take hold when you use an air purifier. Mould spores find it much harder to spread when humidity and temperature levels dip. And, with an air purifier – along with creating cleaner air – you create an environment where mould will really struggle to thrive.

    Why are air purifiers so useful in removing mould spores from air? Well, a quality purifier like the Air Purifier Series 3000i quickly and effectively cleanses the air, drawing pollutants, viruses, bacteria and allergens into its filter, effectively sanitising the room. With this efficient filtering, excessive moisture is decreased, and long-term mould spores in the air get removed.

    Removing mould spores from air with an air purifier

    How to prevent mould smells with a purifier

    Now, what about the mustiness – can air purifiers neutralise bad smells? And can those musty smells be prevented thanks to an air purifier? Mould in the air is removed in the filtering process, so if it’s no longer lingering around, that will help remove the musty smells.

    In terms of fighting mould long term, we’ve already seen how the filtering process helps to cleanse the air. And once the air is cleaner, it will smell fresher too. Using an air purifier in combination with the practical prevention tips below will help you neutralise and prevent nasty odours in the future.

    What you need

    How to prevent mould in house: general tips for preventing mould


    There are a number of things you can do to deal with mould spores in air and reduce the risk of them building up. And once you’ve got an effective mould prevention plan you can start to control the risks fairly easily – both the risks to health and the musty smells, too. Here are some practical steps to take to reduce the build-up of mould:


    • Open windows and doors throughout your home, allowing fresh air to circulate.
    • Keep humidity levels down (below 60%). Again, open the windows regularly, and especially after someone has had a hot bath or shower.
    • Use plants – greenery is great at improving air quality in your home.
    • Clean and dry your home thoroughly and regularly and disinfect any areas of existing mould.
    • Make sure that any leaks are fixed as they can increase moisture levels in your home.

    So, there you go – mould prevention is easier than you think! Simply put these tips into action and you could be waving goodbye to mould issues for good.

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