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    Types of coffee: do you know your coffee?

    With so many coffee and espresso varieties, it’s safe to say that the perfect coffee does exist for every individual. But deciphering the different types of coffee and espresso drinks can be a bit confusing at times. The good news is that, once you’ve had the various coffee types explained, you can become your own barista and enjoy homemade coffee and espresso.

    Discover the most popular coffee and espresso beverages with a few top tips to prepare them. After reading this article, you’ll have a good understanding of the different kinds of coffee and the types of espresso that could satisfy your caffeine cravings.

    Types of coffee and milk drinks

    There are so many types of coffee drinks you can make. The key to making different coffee drinks is directly related to the brewing process and the milk content. See below for various coffee types explained:


    • Latte: A latte is one of those types of coffee that’s hugely popular. The strong shot of espresso mixed with the frothed milk is an ideal combination of intense flavour and rich cream. To make it, pull a shot from your espresso machine and steam the milk so that it becomes foam. Complete your homemade latte by slowly pouring the foamed milk over the espresso.
    • Cappuccino: A perfect cappuccino should be equally divided among three layers: espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. To ensure an accurate, delicious-tasting cappuccino, consider getting an espresso machine to make different types of coffee at the touch of a button. Top your cappuccino off with cinnamon, chocolate shavings, or any other sweet addition you like.
    • Macchiato: A macchiato is yet another favoured option among the different coffee drinks. It’s made with a shot of espresso that’s ‘stained’ with a little foam made from a small amount of milk. It’s the perfect midday coffee drink if you’re in need of a caffeine boost with a little dollop of creamy foam. Want to learn more? Discover the differences between a latte, macchiato, flat white and cappuccino.
    • Iced coffee: Iced coffee is refreshing and easy to create. It’s made by brewing coffee as you normally would, cooling it, and pouring it over ice. For the best results, we recommend placing the jug of freshly brewed coffee in the fridge so that its hot temperature doesn’t melt the ice. Drink your iced coffee as is or add sugar and milk for more flavour.

    Different espresso drinks

    If you prefer a more intense flavour in your morning coffee, you may want to experiment with different types of espresso drinks. There are plenty of espresso beverages to choose from and make at home, such as the following:


    • Espresso or Doppio: The first and most obvious form of espresso is a pure shot, but if you want an even stronger caffeine kick, consider a doppio. In Italian, doppio simply refers to a double shot of espresso. While homemade espresso is slightly more complicated than brewing coffee, it’s not so intimidating with a little practice and a good espresso machine.  
    • Americano: An Americano is one of the most popular types of espresso drinks, made from a full shot of espresso that’s diluted by hot water. To make an Americano, pull a shot or two of espresso, depending on how strong you want it, and add it to hot water. For the best results, aim for an espresso-to-water ratio of about 1:2.  
    • Red eye: If you’re craving an extra-strong coffee, consider a red eye. This coffee-espresso combination is ideal for those days when you simply can’t get out of bed. Start by brewing a cup of coffee like you normally would. As your coffee is finishing brewing, pull a shot of espresso. Once the two are finished brewing, add the espresso shot into your mug of coffee. This is a simple and delicious solution for anyone who needs a strong wake up call.   
    • Ristretto: Ristretto is an espresso drink that’s more concentrated than a pure shot. It’s brewed with the normal amount of ground beans and brewing time, but is extracted with half the amount of water as a normal shot, so it’s typically sweeter and less bitter. If you already know how to make different espresso drinks, a ristretto is simple to brew. Begin making the espresso like you usually do, but make sure that you only brew for about 15 seconds.

    What you need

    Try all the different kinds of coffee and espresso drinks!

    Now that you know the various types of espresso and coffee beverages you can pick and choose depending on your personal preference. Ensure that you have a good quality coffee machine, so that you can enjoy lots of types of coffee drinks made with fresh beans whenever you want.

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