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    How Baby Monitors can keep your baby safe and calm


    You will probably find that your baby monitor helps to keep you safe and calm. It allows you to check in on your baby even when you’re not in the same room or even on the same floor of your house. Baby monitors are hugely reassuring for parents, but they also help to keep babies safe and calm.

    Baby knows you’re coming
    A baby monitor lets you respond to your baby in a timely fashion. Instead of their cries being drowned out by the television or the building work happening next door, a baby monitor ensures you hear your baby. This means you can respond quickly. Over time, your baby will learn to trust that you will come when they need you.

    You can reassure your baby

    Many baby monitors now offer a talkback feature as standard. This means you can talk to your baby through the baby monitor and reassure them. Some monitors also have a musical function that plays lullabies to your baby to help them drift back to sleep.

    You can see what your baby is doing
    If you choose a video monitor, you will have the added bonus of seeing what your baby is doing. If your baby rolls over into an unsafe sleeping position, you’ll know. If your baby wakes up and tries to climb out of their cot, you’ll be able to go and get them out safely before they get hurt.

    You will get some rest
    Arguably one of the best things about baby monitors is the freedom they have given to new parents. This might sound like a benefit to you, but it will also be a good thing for your baby. A little break from your baby while they sleep might be all you need to recharge your batteries. Feeling rested will allow you to take better care of your baby and keep them safe.

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