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    Philips Zoom! Quick Pro Professional whitening made easy for you! 

    What can 5 minutes do for your patients?

    Philips Zoom! QuickPro is a new professional whitening product for use by patients at home


    • Noticeable whiter smile - up to 4 shades whiter in just 4 days! 1
    • Breakthrough two-layer technology
    • Whitens with little or no sensitivity 2
    • Easy for patients to apply at home, it takes just 5 minutes
    • Doesn’t require procedural chair time or trays
    Philips Zoom QuickPro take-home 4-day Kit

    The science



    Philips Zoom! QuickPro take-home is a whitenig varnish that is applied to the tooth using a brush without the need of trays

    The secret to Philips Zoom! QuickPro is the unique dual layer varnish technology.

    Layer 1 - a nearly invisible hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish.
    This hydrophilic (moisture-loving) varnish adheres well to the tooth, delivering the active agent directly into the enamel and dentine.

    As with all whitening products in the UK market the hydrogen peroxide is formulated in a way that not only allows it to be released onto the tooth but will also mean that it is released into the saliva. Saliva interaction can reduce the efficacy of the hydrogen peroxide. Philips have addressed this with the development of the second layer!

    Layer 2 - next they apply an innovative sealant layer that dries in seconds, locking the hydrogen peroxide layer in place. This varnish layer is hydrophobic (water repellant) and the 2 varnish layers are immiscible (do not mix) during application.


    And because the innovative second layer keeps the whitening varnish from getting on to soft tissue there is little or no sensitivity as a result of use. Unlike other whitening products there is also very little, if any, taste of peroxide in the mouth.

    Unique dual layer technology in action

    This video below demonstrates tests for the efficacy of the sealant layer.

    We see 3 petri dishes - one with a competitor whitening strip and then 2 for Zoom QuickPro. One contains just the first layer varnish and the second the dual layer varnish. The liquid in which they are submerged detects the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

    The darker the shade of the liquid the more of the hydrogen peroxide has escaped into the saliva. We can see that after 30 minutes the QuickPro 2 layer varnish is successful at retaining the hydrogen peroxide at the tooth surface.

    The process

    • The patient inserts the cheek retractor
    • The whitening varnish is applied first followed swiftly by the sealant layer
    • The patient uses the varnish twice a day for 4 days
    • Each treatment lasts 30 minutes
    • After 30 minutes simply brush or wipe off any remaining varnish
    Simple to apply - view the instruction video for Zoom! QuickPro
    QuickPro Professional Whitening Treatment

    Save chair time



    Philips Zoom! QuickPro take-home whitening varnish is
    the easy, effective way to help your patients achieve professional whitening results from the convenience of home. Plus, it saves you chair time and eliminates the need for custom take-home trays.

    1. Average shade reduction, actual results may vary.

    2. Based on a patient survey.