Notification symbol img

Notification symbol

The notification symbol lights up when there is an important message for you in the app.
Sensitive shave settings img

Sensitive shave settings

Your shaver will show XS (extra sensitive), S (sensitive) or N (normal) depending on the shave setting selected within the GroomTribe app.
Battery low img

Battery low

The battery charge indicator flashes orange, telling you there is enough energy left for one shave.
Quick charge img

Quick charge

The battery indicator flashes quickly during a 5-minute quick charge. Once the indicator begins flashing slowly, you have enough charge for one full shave.
Fully charged img

Fully charged

When the battery is full, the charge indicator lights up white continuously for 30 minutes.
Cleaning reminder img

Cleaning reminder

The tap icon flashes reminding you to clean the shaver after every use.
'Unplug for use' reminder img

'Unplug for use' reminder

Flashes to remind you to disconnect the shaver from the wall socket before you can switch it on.
Travel lock img

Travel lock

To activate and deactivate the travel lock, press the on/off button for 3 seconds. When the lock is activated the padlock icon will flash.