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Personal Shave Plan

Co-developed with dermatologists, the personal shave plan provides adaptive advice to tackle your specific skin issues. It gives advice on your shaving routine and technique via the connected GroomTrible app, tracking your skin’s progress with tailored advice.
Beard adapt sensor img

BeardAdapt Sensor

The shaver senses your beard density and automatically adjusts the power as needed. With variable power you can shave off even dense beard areas efficiently, helping reduce the chance your skin becoming irritated by repetitive passes.
Sensitive shave settings img

Sensitive Shave Settings

Shave with a speed setting customized to your skin. Input your skin concerns into your GroomTribe app to get a recommended speed to minimise irritation or simply choose your own. As your plan gathers more information it will automatically select the mode right for your skin – normal, sensitive or extra sensitive.
Guided shave img

Guided shave

Perfect your shave with the guided shave feature, which provides real-time feedback on your shaving technique at a glance. You won’t always need your phone in the bathroom, it just helps you get your technique working for you at the start of your shave plan.
Shave analysis and history img

Shave analysis and history

Want to see how you’ve been doing? Your shave analysis and history enable you to review your skin’s progress and shaving technique over time. From your first to most recent shave.