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Solve dry and tight skin
with a daily skincare routine

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What do David Beckham, George Clooney, and Pharrell have in common? They all follow a strict skincare regime and it shows. (We’re pretty sure Pharrell is pushing seventy.)


If you suffer from dry and tight skin, then paying more attention to your daily skincare routine could be just what you need to start feeling great. Besides, it puts you in pretty good company.

Cleanse it like Beckham



If you love to wake yourself up by spending too much time in a steaming shower, then this may come as bad news.  Baths and showers that are too long or hot will wash away the natural oils your skin needs to retain moisture. And don't scrub too hard when cleansing your body. This impairs the protective layer of the skin, which allows water to easily evaporate and leaves your skin fragile and even drier.
Cleansing your face

Cleansing your face

The same hot water rule applies to face washing. Try to use lukewarm water and use mild, gentle cleanser in place of harsh soaps. When drying your face, don't rub your face with the towel as it can harm the skin's protective outer layer. Instead, gently pat it dry.
Staying moisturised

Staying moisturised

Moisturisers work by adding hydration to the skin, as well as trapping the much-needed moisture that already exists there, so apply yours right after washing or bathing. If your skin is prone to dryness or sensitivity, look for products that contain naturally soothing ingredients.

Lip balm isn’t just for the ladies. Keep your lips kissable with a balm that feels good. If it causes stinging or tingling after it’s applied, switch to one that doesn’t cause this reaction.

When possible, limit the time you spend in dry environments like highly heated or air-conditioned rooms. To create a moisture-rich environment at home, try using a humidifier.