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You can achieve hair reduction of up to 92%. Unfortunately, Lumea treatments are not permanent. To keep your skin hair-free you will have to follow an IPL treatment every 4 to 8 weeks. You can already follow the following IPL treatments when stubble is not yet visible, so you are always hair-free.

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To apply IPL effectively, you must treat every part of your skin. This may take a little extra time in the beginning, but see it as an investment with long-term hair-free skin as a reward.

Personal coach within reach

Lumeaapp Treatment Schedule

The Philips Lumea app offers personal guidance with your IPL experience and helps to achieve long-lasting, hair-free and smooth skin. 

✔ Use your Lumea in the right way for long-lasting results

✔ Let the app help you with a personal treatment schedule per body part

✔ Let the app help you with reminders so that you don't miss any treatment

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