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    Trend watch: why it’s time to grow a moustache – and keep it

    The current moustache trend proves that a hairy upper lip can be for life, not just for Movember. You only need to glance at our run-through of the heroes of the hairy upper lip to realise it’s a look worth wearing, and now that the style is making a genuine comeback, it’s time for you to add your name to that illustrious list. Let the experts at Philips show you how to grow a moustache in style, with our top moustache growing tips to help you create – and maintain – the style this winter. If you’ve been asking yourself ‘should I grow a moustache?’, here is your definitive answer.
    Prep for success

    Moustache heroes


    The following masters of the moustache deserve a virtual fist bump for inspiring men across the world to grow a moustache. Pick your favourite and think of him as your personal moustache muse.  

    • Knights in shining armour. These dudes were so dedicated to the medieval moustache trend their armour was designed to accommodate their ’taches.
    • Lord Byron. The ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ poet of the 1800s inspired many men to copy his curling, slender moustache.
    • Hercule Poirot. The fictional detective brought the moustache back in a big way in the 1920s.
    • Salvador Dalí. The Surrealist artist’s moustache was named the most recognisable of all time. And it was still intact in the ‘10 past 10’ position when his embalmed body was exhumed 28 years after his death.
    Moustache-matching face shapes

    Moustache heroes


    Should I grow a moustache? That’s the question on many a hair-free lip at the moment. If you’re undecided on what type of moustache to grow, you can take your face shape as your guiding light. Certain face shapes particularly suit certain moustache trends. Find yours here:

    • Long face. A moustache will break up your face vertically, thus balancing out the length. A traditional moustache in style, like the handlebar variety, will draw attention to the centre of your face. That’s the type of moustache that curves up at the end – wax will help keep it looking perky.
    • Square face. A moustache will work really well with those men lucky enough to have a strong jaw line and sharp angles. A chevron moustache in the style of Tom Selleck, which follows the natural line of your upper lip, is a top match for this face shape – just remember to keep it well groomed.
    • Round face. The horseshoe moustache will help balance out wide cheekbones by lengthening the face and accentuating the chin. This moustache, in style similar to the biker moustache, is all about creating vertical lines down the sides of the mouth to the jawline. Hulk Hogan eat your heart out.
    How to nail the moustache trend

    How to nail the moustache trend


    Now onto how to grow a moustache, create your ideal shape and maintain it. Take a step-by-step approach with our six moustache growing tips:

    1. Grow it. The easiest way to get moustache-ready is to start by growing all your facial hair to an even length. You’ll want your beard to have grown to at least 1cm before you go for it.
    2. Prep it. When it comes to taking the plunge, start off with a dry face and beard. You don’t want shaving cream getting in the way of crafting your moustache masterpiece.
    3. Trim it. Use the Multigroom Series 7000 to trim your facial hair to an even length all over. Once you have the right length, you’ll want to focus on shape.
    4. Shape it. Think big picture, and start creating the outline of your moustache with the precision attachment of your Multigroom Series 7000. Create a clean line top and bottom, underneath your nose and above your upper lip. Then trim the ends of your moustache, working from the outside in to find the right width.
    5. De-fuzz it. Now it’s time to shave away the rest of your facial hair, to leave your cheeks and chin fuzz-free. Use the unique cutting-edge technology of the OneBlade to make light work of the job, while remaining gentle on your skin thanks to the dual protection system. Use it with or without foam, wet or dry, so you can shave your way.
    6. Maintain it. Moustache products are your friends. If you’ve gone for the handlebar moustache trend, you’ll find wax helps keep those ends tweaked. Regular trims with the Multigroom Series 7000 will keep your ’tache tidy and at your ideal length.

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