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    5 big (and voluminous) hair trends you need to know about

    From sky-high quiffs and up-dos with height, to high-voltage curls and massive blow-outs, this season’s strongest hairstyles all have one thing in common: volume. The up-do, especially with added height, requires skill, but master it and you’ve got a great hair day on your hands. And we think that’s worthy of a high five, which is why we’re celebrating this year’s National High Five Day with our guide to the hottest (and highest) hair trends of the season.

    Skin-happy is the new skinny

    1. Take the bun

    Great news: the up-do with height that takes you 0.5 seconds to perfect is officially back en vogue. Whether you go for the ballerina, the messy banana, or the plaited donut, all that’s needed to elevate your usual bun from ‘6 AM gym class’ to ‘Parisian chic’ is a ribbon or a bow. Whatever you go for, messy volume is key, so boost your roots by blow-drying hair upside down, applying a volumising spray, and moulding the hair into your favourite bun shape.

    2. Beehive yourself

    If spring’s runways were anything to go by, the beehive is due to make serious waves this year, and creating the look at home is easier than it looks. Just backcomb the back section of hair, carefully arrange sections over it to create a smooth beehive shape and finish by using straighteners to style the front sections. With the MoistureProtect Hair Straightener, there’s no need to worry about losing that healthy shine, because the floating ceramic plates omit charged negative ions to eliminate static, condition hair and smooth down hair cuticles.
    Rub a dub scrub

    3. Amp your curls

    Last year’s obsession with natural, textured hair helped us embrace our curls, but this year it’s all about exaggerating them. Style curly hair to its maximum volume by using a diffuser when you blow dry. Simply flip your head over and dry from root to tip using the diffuser head to circulate the hair for more defined, voluminous curls. Preserving curly hair’s hydration level is key, so use a hairdryer that uses infrared technology to adapt temperature according to hair condition, such as the MoistureProtect DryCare Prestige.

    4. Accessorise

    Whether you go for a pearl-embellished barrette, a glitzy scrunchy or a jewel-encrusted hair band, you can be sure that adding a hair accessory will help you on your quest to add volume to your hair (hairband = easy beehive, scrunchy = perfect high ponytail updo), and it’ll have you at the front of the hair-trend pack, too.
    Kneads must

    5. Get a bouncy blow-out

    Flat, sleek styles have dominated for years, but this season has seen a resurgence of iconic ’80s styles, and if the ’80s taught us one thing, it was volume. Find your disco diva with a sky-high quiff, or with the voluminous side-swept flick-front blow-dry. Want to know how to get volume in your hair that Pretty Woman would have been be proud of? Use the diffuser head of a hair dryer to add volume at the root, and set with hairspray.  


    Help us celebrate National High Five Day by sporting one of these hair styles on the last Thursday of April when you take part in the #High5Challenge, and high five anyone else you spot looking as good as you do.