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    How to treat dry skin in 3 steps

    Our skin is at its most beautiful when it’s hydrated, and beautiful skin means happy us – mostly because we don’t have to worry about those irritating patches of very dry skin. Start your skin routine afresh and get baby-soft skin with our 3 essential dry skin remedies for very dry skin.

    How to treat dry skin

    Moisturise (ASAP)

    We all know moisturising is rule number one when it comes to treating dry skin on the face. But to get the best out of your skincare routine, moisturise as soon as you can after cleansing – within minutes if possible. It’s strange but true that water can dehydrate skin, so the best thing for dry skin is to replace the moisture straight away.

    …but choose your moisturiser wisely

    Our dry skin’s best interests are at heart when we moisturise, but products that are heavy on fragrance or harsh ingredients can have the opposite effect, especially on sensitive skin. Opt instead for a fragrance-free moisturiser that quenches dry skin on the face, without irritating it.

    Smart exfoliation

    When treating dry skin on the face it can be tempting to go overboard on the exfoliation; the harder you scrub, the quicker your very dry skin will disappear…right? Not necessarily. Exfoliating skin roughly can cause more damage than good, as it can further dehydrate and aggravate the skin. The best thing for dry skin is to exfoliate gently and at pore level. Why not try the VisaPure Advanced with our exfoliation brush attachment, which brushes away dry skin cells with gentle precision to reveal a soft blank canvas, ready to drink up hydrating moisturiser.
    choose your moisturiser wiselyularly

    Turn down the temperature

    Jumping into a steaming hot shower is one of life’s greatest temptations, especially when the weather’s cold. But hold off on the heat if you’re prone to patchy or very dry skin, because hot water can disrupt skin’s natural balance of moisture, aggravating it and causing dryness – especially if you have sensitive skin. The best thing for dry skin is to opt for lukewarm water instead.