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    Brush heads delivered
    for less

    From only £6.21 every 3 months or £4.66 with a {my}dentist discount code

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    New brush head
    every 3 months
    In partnership with {my}dentist.

    Brush heads delivered,
    for less

    From only £6.21 every 3 months or £4.66 with a {my}dentist discount code

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    New brush head
    every 3 months
    I only need brush heads

    Unleash the full power of your Sonicare toothbrush

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    Compatibile with any rechargable Philips Sonicare toothbrush


    Our click-on brush heads are interchangeable, so you can simply click on the one that suits you best.

    Especially designed to work with sonic technology


    Your Philips Sonicare brush head and handle are the ultimate team. Together, our sonic technology gives you exceptional cleaning power.

    Cost-effective and convenient subscription


    We make it easy and convenient for you to manage your oral healthcare. Sign up today with 25% {my}dentist exclusive discount and we will deliver brush heads to your door right when you need them.

    Recyclable brush heads


    All of the Philips Sonicare brush heads are recyclable.

    Visit  https://www.philips.co.uk/a-w/about/dental-recycling-scheme.html  to find out more.

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    £8.77 every 3 months
     £6.58 with a {my}dentist discount code


    Removes up to 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Whiter teeth from day1.

    3 reasons to sign up now

    Designed for the best results

    Tailored to your oral health needs.

    For whiter teeth, a healthier mouth and plaque removal
    Delivered 3 months

    Delivered every 3 months

    As recommended by dentists
    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Free delivery
    Cancel anytime

    Why replace
    your toothbrush head
    every 3 months?

    Brush heads begin to lose their ability to clean your teeth consistently after 3 months of brushing. By using it longer, you increase your risk of plaque buildup and gum irritation.

    Recommended by just about everyone

    "I always recommend Sonicare to all my patients because I know that it provides excellent results even without a perfect brushing technique. It really brightens their smile."

    Dr. Peter Woods
    Review Desk A

    “The toothbrush makes it possible to reach difficult areas and can therefore remove dental plaque without any difficulty.”

    Review Desk B

    “I can say my teeth have never felt that clean after using a manual toothbrush!”

    Review Desk C

    “Sonicare has made a huge difference in the look and feel of my smile.”

    Review Desk D

    “After my first time using the toothbrush I felt like I had just gotten a professional cleaning at the dentist."

    Don't just take our word for it. Have a look at #sonicare on Instagram.


    How can I pay for my Sonicare Subscription?
    In the subscription program, we accept all major credit and debit cards.
    When can I expect my product?
    Our goal is to deliver the ordered product within 3-6 working days, but this depends on your location. You will receive a Track & Trace code in an email after your electric toothbrush handle has been sent. 
    How can I postpone the delivery or cancel my subscription?

    You can't pause your subscription but you can cancel it anytime. Simply log into your account and click “Cancel my subscription”. The cancellation process is different depending upon how long you have had your product.


    If you wish to cancel within the first 30 days then you are entitled to return the product and receive a full refund. You’ll receive instructions by email to return your product free of charge.


    However, if you wish to keep your product or it is after the first 30 days then you can cancel recurring payments and further brush head deliveries. At this time you will be able to pay off the outstanding balance on your electric toothbrush (if relevant) to settle your account. 

    Can I purchase my electric toothbrush handle before the subscription ends?
    You can purchase the electric toothbrush handle at anytime during the subscription period for the full purchase price minus the already paid amount.

    Note: The warranty starts from the date the first payment is made.
    What happens if my electric toothbrush handle is damaged [while I am still paying for it]
    Don't worry! If during your subscription period you are experiencing trouble with your electric toothbrush handle due to factory or material issues, we will replace the electric toothbrush handle for free.
    Philips Sonicare does not take responsibility for loss, theft, or damage.
    How does the Sonicare subscription work?
    • Kick off your subscription and receive your toothbrush handle and a brush head.
    • The first delivery of a replacement brush heads will be sent to you 3 months after you initial order.
    • If you enroll in a subscription, automatic charges to your payment card will continue unless you cancel the subscription. 
    • The first payment is taken on the day of subscription creation. Subsequent replacement brush heads will only be shipped if payments continue to be received.
    • Delivery of brush heads is always free and you can cancel the subscription at any time.
    Are there any hidden costs?
    There will be no surprises when it comes to costs. You will even save money by subscribing because the replacement brush heads will be cheaper than the recommended retailer price. Delivery is always free and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
    How do I modify my subscription plan?
    You can update your information at anytime in your subscription account.
    I ordered a electric toothbrush. Is my brush head subscription now active?
    Yes. Your brush head subscription is activated as soon as you make your payment.
    How often are my replacement brush heads delivered?
    As part of your subscription plan, you will receive a new replacement head every 3 months.
    Can I return my brush heads?
    Yes, returns of unopened brush head in original packaging will be accepted within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.
    What happens if I miss a subscription payment?

    In the event of a failed payment, a notification will be sent to your email address, providing a link to update your information and complete payment.


    You can also log into your account and catch up on your payments there.


    Please note, we will put your brush head deliveries on hold until the issue is resolved.

    Can I order more than 1 subscription?
    Yes, you can order up to 5 per household.
    Can I choose what handle I buy?
    No, unfortunately we only have one type of handle availabe for our subscription program at the moment. 
    Does the subscription have an end date?
    The installment payments on your handle lasts 12 months. However, the brush head subscription goes on indefinitely (unless you cancel it).
    Where can I get a discount voucher?
    Ask at your local {my}dentist practice
    My voucher doesn't work
    Contact your {my}dentist practice and get them to check they have given you the correct code.

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