Coffee maker

Glass, Aroma Swirl, black metal HD7564/20


My Philips coffee maker coffee does not taste good

Find below some tips to improve the taste of your coffee.

If the taste of your coffee is not good from the start

  1. You should brew at least the minimum amount of coffee as indicated on the jug and water container. Under the minimum amount, the taste and temperature might become less to your liking.
  2. Check whether the paper filter has collapsed during the brewing process. A collapsed filter creates a weak coffee brew.
  3. The brand of coffee filter can influence the taste.
  4. You might want to try a different blend of coffee for a different taste.
  5. Please use fresh water to brew your coffee.
  6. Keep your coffee machine clean. Regular cleaning of the filter holder and jug, for example, will have a positive influence on your coffee taste.

If the taste of your coffee becomes less after some time of brewing

  • The coffee might have stayed on the hot plate too long
  • Coffee becomes strong and bitter if you leave it on the hot plate too long, especially if the jug contains only a small quantity of coffee

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7564/20 , HD7447/20 , HD7458/00 , HD7688/50 , HD7457/20 , HD7450/20 , HD7450/70 , HD7400/20 , HD7583/50 , HD7565/20 , HD7567/20 , HD7562/35 , HD7566/20 , HD7563/20 , HD7562/55 , HD7502/35 , HD7544/55 , HD7502/55 , HD7686/30 , HD7692/90 , HD7692/30 , HD7690/90 , HD7690/30 , HD7686/90 , HD7546/20 , HD7466/71 , HD7446/00 , HD7446/20 , HD7448/00 , HD7448/20 , HD7448/40 , HD7448/70 , HD7466/20 , HD7466/70 , HD7584/53 . more less

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