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How do I descale the SENSEO Latte Select?

Below you will find a video and the easy written steps on how to descale your SENSEO Latte Select coffee machine.
The descaling procedure consists of 3 cycles and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

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To descale the SENSEO Latte Select you need:

  • The Calc-Clean tool.
  • Use only a citric acid-based descaler, for example HD7011, HD7012. (This type of descaler descales the machine without damaging it.)
  • A bowl with a capacity of at least 1.5 litres.
  • Follow the descaling instructions.

The descaling procedure consists of three cycles

  • Descaling cycle (approx. 35 minutes)
  • Rinsing cycle 1 with used pod (approx. 3 minutes)
  • Rinsing cycle 2 without used pod (approx 3 minutes)
    Note: Never interrupt the descaling cycle.

Descaling cycle steps 1-3

1) Mix 50 grams of citric acid with 1 litre of water in a measuring jug. Stir until the powder has completely dissolved.
2) Insert the Calc-Clean tool into the coffee spout until it locks into position with a click and push down the milk container lever.
3) Fill the water tank up with the 1 litre descaler mixture and place the water tank back onto the coffee machine.

calc-clean tool inserting

Descaling cycle steps 4-7

4) Press the on/off button.
Note: The machine is ready for use when the light ring around the on/off button lights up continuously.
5) Place the 1-cup pod holder with a used coffee pod in the coffee machine to prevent the pod holder from getting clogged with scale residues.
6) Put a bowl with a capacity of at least 1.5 litres under the spout to collect the descaling mixture.
7) Press the CLEAN/CALC-CLEAN button to start the descaling cycle.
Note: During the descaling cycle, the machine pauses a few times to remove scale deposits from the inside of the machine, the indicators on the control panel on the lid light up clockwise sequentially to indicate that the machine is descaling.

Push the CALC-Clean knob to start descaling

Descaling cycle step 8

8) When the descaling cycle has finished, the CALC-CLEAN indicator lights up again to indicate that you have to perform 2 rinsing cycles.

CALC-Clean indicator lights up

Rinsing cycle steps 9-10

9) Empty the water reservoir, rinse it and fill it with fresh cold water.
10) Press the CLEAN/CALC-CLEAN button to rinse the machine.
Note: During the rinsing cycle, the indicators on the control panel on the lid light up anticlockwise sequentially to indicate that the machine is rinsing.

rinse and fill water tank SENSEO latte Select

Rinsing cycle steps 11-13

11) Remove the pod from the pod holder and clean the pod holder to prevent the sieve in the centre from getting clogged.
12) Rinse the machine a second time by repeating steps 9 and 10 above.
13) Remove the Calc-Clean tool from the coffee spout. The descaling procedure is now finished and the machine is ready to brew coffee again.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7850/61 , HD7850/80 , HD7850/60 .

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