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    The indicator light of my SENSEO® coffee machine flashes

    If the indicator light flashes rapidly, go to Section A
    If the indicator light flashes slowly, go to Section B
    For SENSEO® Switch, see Section C

    Section A: Indicator light flashes rapidly

    If the indicator light of your coffee machine is flashing rapidly, check the following solutions:

    Too little water
    Make sure that the water in the tank is filled above the minimum level

    Water reservoir is not place correctly
    Check the positioning of the water reservoir to make sure that it is attached correctly to the coffee machine. Refer to your user manual for further instructions. 

    Float fell in the water
    Check whether the float is stuck in the water reservoir. Empty the water reservoir and shake it a few times to release the float (see image for an example of the water reservoir float).

    Water reservoir is dirty
    Clean the water reservoir with hot water and some washing-up liquid.

    Room temperature is too low
    Make sure that you place your SENSEO® in a room where the temperature is above 10°C. Let the coffee machine adjust for 1 or 2 hours and then try again.

    If the above suggestions did not help to solve your problem, please contact us.
    water reservoir float senseo

    Section B: Indicator light flashes slowly

    A slowly flashing indicator light means that your SENSEO® coffee machine is still heating up. Please contact us if the indicator light continues flashing slowly for more than 90 seconds.

    Section C: Flashing lights on SENSEO® Switch

    CALC light continuously on or flashing when brewing a coffee 
    It is time to descale your coffee machine. Please follow the descaling instructions here or check your user manual.

    All lights are blinking/CALC light and 1 cup and 2 cups buttons are blinking
    This indicates that the machine is in descaling mode. Complete the descaling process and the lights will stop flashing. 

    One of the coffee button lights starts flashing rapidly 
    Check the causes and solutions below:
    1. Check that the water level in the tank is above the MIN indication. If not, fill the water tank.
    2. Make sure that the water tank is correctly placed.
    3. The float may have got stuck in the water tank. Empty the water tank and shake it a few times to release the float. Clean the water tank and try again.
    One of the SENSEO coffee button lights is flashing slowly 
    This indicates that your SENSEO coffee machine is still heating up. If the indicator light continues flashing slowly for more than 90 seconds, please contact our Consumer Care Agents in your country.

    The jug button light flashes slowly 
    This means that your SENSEO Switch is preparing filter coffee. Depending on the number of cups, this can take up to 9 minutes.

    If the above suggestions did not help to solve your problem, please contact us.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7820/69 , HD7857/50 , HD7870/10 , HD7870/60 , HD7864/11 , HD7864/81 , HD7864/61 , HD7863/80 , HD7870/20 , HD7872/10 , HD7825/62 , HD7827/52 , HD7825/80 , HD7825/60 , HD7860/60 , HD7850/61 , HD7850/80 , HD7823/11 , HD7850/60 , HD7840/00 , HD7840/01 , HD7814/60 , HD7810/95 , HD7810/60 , HD7816/50 , HD7810/61 , HD7810/70 , HD7810/71 , HD7812/50 , HD7814/62 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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