SENSEO® Viva Café Coffee pod machine HD7820/69 New Generation Raven black



I cannot open the lid of my SENSEO® coffee machine

A clogged pod holder may cause the lid of your SENSEO® coffee machine to remain stuck. Use these steps to try and open the lid of your SENSEO® coffee machine.

The pod holder is clogged

Follow these steps to remove and clean the pod holder:

  1. Switch off the SENSEO® coffee machine
  2. Pull the lever up as far as possible. You may have to use some force. It could take up to 24 hours before the lid will start opening again
  3. Remove the pod holder
  4. Clean the sieve in the centre the pod holder under the tap with a brush or clean it using the dishwasher.

To prevent this from happening again, make sure to regularly descale your SENSEO® coffee machine with the pod holder in place.

If this did not solve the issue, please contact us.

Clean the pod holder senseo

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7820/69 , HD7857/50 , HD7870/10 , HD7870/60 , HD7864/11 , HD7864/81 , HD7864/61 , HD7863/80 , HD7870/20 , HD7872/10 , HD7825/62 , HD7827/52 , HD7825/80 , HD7825/60 , HD7860/60 , HD7850/61 , HD7850/80 , HD7823/11 , HD7850/60 , HD7840/00 , HD7840/01 , HD7814/60 , HD7810/95 , HD7810/60 , HD7816/50 , HD7810/61 , HD7810/70 , HD7810/71 , HD7812/50 , HD7814/62 . more less

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