SENSEO® Latte Duo Plus Coffee pod machine

Two cappuccinos in one go, Titanium Black, Integrated milk frother, Easy-clean function HD7857/50


The SENSEO CALC light lights up red

It indicates that you have to descale the SENSEO.


The CALC light lights up red continuously after you have brewed approx. 400 cups of coffee.

In the attachment below you can find the PDF file with instructions on how to descale your SENSEO Viva Café.

After descaling, the CALC light is still on:

Make sure you do not switch the machine off during the descaling process.

If so, you will have to restart the descaling procedure again and make sure that you execute the right steps in order to get the CALC LED to switch off.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7857/50 , HD7870/10 , HD7870/60 , HD7870/20 , HD7872/10 , HD7825/62 , HD7827/52 , HD7825/80 , HD7825/60 , HD7850/61 , HD7850/80 , HD7850/60 . more less

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